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His first ride

Finally we found the bicycle for Seth. He has been hopping onto bikes after bikes but none to our liking in terms of design, suitability and price. Ed bought the bicycle yesterday and it brings big smile to Seth and he is so excited about it. He was so tired last night after we got home from my in-laws. Nonetheless, he was all perky when he sees his new "girlfriend". Gonna bring him to the park soon for some rides.

She can stand

It's a big milestone for Grace. I was folding the clothes and she's ok the floor playing and then she goes all hands free and tried to stand up without supporting. She did it!! I am so happy! Cheering her all the way. She was so excited that she kept on doing the standing up by herself. It's such a memorable moment.

It probably is…..

I never seems to get out of this situation. Overtiredness, lethargic, forgetfulness, impulsive and worry wart. It never came across my mind till I read about the near symptoms of this illness by her. I realize that adults can get into such an illness and it's really amazing how we struggle to keep ourselves sane in this crazy world. Maybe I think too much about it but whatever is shared on Corinne's blog about this illness, I can identify with them. So many parts of it are what I am today. Will I lose it all? It's scary enough to think about it. Time and time again, I never seems to be accomplishing much at work and always such a last minute sort of person with no sense of urgency anymore. I am branding myself, irresponsible, time clueless POS. =( It's Him who is holding on to me and not letting me slip myself away. I feel that without His presence, Him putting sisters in Christ and a wonderful family around me, I would have been in an asylum already. This is all it takes to keep my life from not falling apart. Thank you , Lord for your saving Grace. No matter how much trials in life I have faced and going to face, let me constantly focus on You and your Mercy & Grace.

Just another shot

She's such a darling and I love her sooooo much. Our strong and pretty princess.

September is here

Time past so fast that we never take notice of the things we have accomplished during this fast pace life. This month with happenings, like Grace's first birthday, her hernia surgery, Jesse's family visit to SG. very eventful and precious moments shared.