Delayed CNY Posting

I've been on a hiatus from my blog and my crafts. I guess from the last post I did, I need to readjust and prioritize my daily stuffs. Of course, the work still take most of my time, apart from time with the kids and dh. It was very comforting for all my fellow scrappers to drop comments and thank you for all the encouraging words. I am still coping and hoping to cope better and not to take things too hard, let loose a bit on the parenting aka not being too harsh on Seth. He knows of the things that he did were wrong, and they are all out to get our undivided attention, but lots of time it fail and thus the actions of all the disobedient things surfaced. The almost angry-funny part of them all, it's his apologies. Just last Friday night, he was into his mischief again. I reprimanded him, carried him to the toilet to wash his dirty hands, then

he said, "Mummy, I love you!"
Me: URRRGH! ^-^

Again, he has me wrapped around his finger.

He has been falling sick almost fortnightly. Still trying to fight the viruses that go around in the school. What can we do but just to pray for God's health and wholeness in Seth and his antibodies strengthen to fight the viruses. Overall, he is still bouncy and running about.

Grace's creeping around already, she can do the back and front creep, move towards the items she want to take. Her grasping is quite accurate as well. Overall FMS and GMS are good. She starts to drool alot starting from 4-5months, I guess she's quite ready to stgrt her semi-solid career. I am hoping she'll like the introduction of semi-solid food, as my BM has dropped quite a bit, daily stressing over expressing enough BM for her. Tried drinking oats with milo, plenty fluid intake. Next will have to go purchase Fenugreek. Hiaz... I wished to BF Grace all the way pass 1 year old.

Following are the pictorial posting of the recent CNY and places we've been to during the festive period.

Mickey & Minnie wishing a Happy Chinese New Year of Rat

Grace with our new bedsheet, Disney Mickey Filmstrip Collection

Roses Red and White to match the Bedsheet

Seth & Grace Random

Mommy with Seth

Grandpa with Seth & Jurnus

Jon's family

Grandma, Me, Seth Jurnus and Jeral

Jack's family with Seth

Olive Tree and Grace

Xiu Qui Hua

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  1. ~ AM ~ says:

    The pictures are gorgeous! Hope you had a blessed CNY! 🙂

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