Why is it such a nightmare? Though I enjoy holiday, especially the long ones, preparing for this year's CNY is a nightmare for me. What I dreaded was being sooo busy at work, and still have to think about the CNY preparation. Ya, nothing much to prep in fact, except to get the new clothings for the kids, Olive Tree and myself. Weeks back, we've settled the daddy's and the kids stuffs. As for me, I didn't think getting clothings would be a challenge for me till I really can't find clothes that I can fit and are nice!! URRRGH! Also, I soon realise that the days are getting so near to CNY and nothing was bought yet.

So yesterday, we went out for the CNY shopping. Though I very much wished I can stay at home to sleep or scrap, but I can't. We head done to one of our friend's kid's birthday at Aloha Resort before going for our shopping trip. Here's a card I've done for his birthday. teddy's card

We've gone to Parkway ParadeIt was dampening that I can't find any clothes at my usual hunt, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop. Even can't find much clothes at Isetan. End up, we've got ourselves each, a pair of Levi's jeans. I manage to get a pair of heels from Itti and Otto. Pheew....I was dead tired already after walking for so long. This little guy, was so restless that he started to fool around at Isetan. Playing and "flashing" his tummy to other kids who are also running about in the shopping centre. Olive tree tried to stop his "flashing" but was turned a deaf ear. It got Olive Tree so mad that he just walked away with Grace and I was trying out my jeans at the fitting room. Imagine when the kiddos whom Seth were playing with, were about to leave, the mommy brought Seth to the nursery room to look for Olive tree. HA! Seth could even said he wanna follow the Kor Kor and Jie Jie home! *faint*

The little guy got a tongue lashing from Olive Tree and myself while on the way back home. He was soooo tired and didn't even dare to cry. We've warned him as well, if he still disobey us when we are out, we will walk away and not look back to get him. If he get himself lost, he'll find his way home( ya, like real!) and don't cry for us. It's bad to threaten but he is getting a bit out of hand ever since he started his childcare days. seth-incar

Both Grace and him are still unwell, Seth with occasional running nose and cough. Grace with her blocked nose (guess it's the sensitive nose) and mucus. So worrying and feel so upset to see them like that. Ok, here's a couple of photo of Grace taken today.
examine toeshandsome like daddy
Ain't she boyish??!

We continued our shopping again this afternoon. Though I needed very much to work and complete my office stuffs. But the heart is so reluctant though the mind is pushing........So we went, Robinson's! Yupz, and indeed manage to get some stuffs, beddings, tops for myself. Also, we've got from Gap, Seth's pants, Grace's jeans (at 50% off after buying Seth's pants at 10% off), quite a good deal. another top and a pair of velvet jeans for myself. (yeah!!) So the mood kicks in, I went to Mango and got myself another 2 tops to go with my jeans. Viola! completed my shoppping! And totally glad with myself. But it was sooo late to even think of going back office to work. We headed home at 5plus and napped a bit. For now the kids are finally asleep, which is 11pm. 🙁 How much can I do on work???!URRRGH!

Here's what we've exchanged with the spending done at Centrepoint today.
2 set of this teacups, 2 posters and 2 packs of ang baos!
box mickeytea cups

On the gadget front, I am sooo impatient but I've got to wait PATIENTLY on the silent update of this. I hope it comes soon. I needed a new toy for a brand new CNY!!!!

Ok, here's wishing you a restful week ahead. Just as soundly rested as him
seth's asleep
*CNY-Chinese New Year aka Lunar New Year which falls on 7th & 8th Feb, this yearCNY