my {girl}

A layout that I've started at MWL's Christmas Crop and didn't manage to complete. This is a 1st layout of Grace in 12X12. I am still trying to do up the 6x8 album for Grace but sooo slack in progress. my girl
Used : RF PP, MM Chipboard Alpha, Glitter Alpha & velvet Alpha Stickers. MM flowers funky brads, KI Pop Culture Chipboard Tag, Hambly screenprints, KI Love Elsie's Zoe PP, Glitz Netz.

I love the Glitz Netz as I have seen it used on layout and love the way it looks on the layout. Finally got my hands on 2 packs when one of the forumer organised a spree. 🙂

I am tired as usual. I didn't manage to accomplish much today but I've attended the launch of office:mac 2008 at Screening Room. I had a great time chatting with Kath and also her account of Macworld Conference experience. Wish I had a chance to visit Macworld conference.

Just a short review of the experience I have on testing out the Beta Version of office:mac 2008

This is one of my fav program compared to the rest of the offerings in the office:mac 2008.

the good:
- fast launch of the application
- greater ease of use
- toolbox is useful now as compared to office:mac 2004, as it comes with more functionality at one glance and categorised in tabs
- It has a Gallery which has a wide range of customised templates for your needs ranging from business uses (invoices, budgets, Account balance) to personal usage (savings passbook record, credit card statements)
- Wider range of Charts that you can use and simply by few clicks and data entry, you'll get the professional looking charts ready for presentation
- SmartArt allows you to create flowcharts, in terms of business and also personal use.
- Functions and formulae are now easily displayed when you enter the prefix of the formulae eg. "=S" pops up a drop down list that allows you to select the formulae that you need. It display the hint of how to use the formula as well when click on.

the bad:
- I have not really found a bad thing about this. As I've been a user of both Windows and Mac Office, I must say this version meets above my expectation

the good:
- It has great publisher's interface, allowing you to do up a very professional publishing layout for business use.
- It comes with quite a fair bit of useful templates, which you allow you to get down to work on a report fast and effortless.
- Also, it has smartart graphics as well.
- It does auto text alignment (if you ever used Microsoft Publisher) before, this would be a feature which are not native to the Word in office:mac 2004 or the Microsft office 2003. So even if your graphics are placed in between the typed text, the text will be auto aligned properly

the bad:
- start up time is longer on my Powerbook G4 as compared to the previous version of Word in office:mac 2004 and also the Excel in office:mac 2008
- With the publisher's function, it is somehow lagging a lot. Especially if you are inserting high res graphics.
- Typing on the doc can be a pain at times if you have too much resources being utilised by other opened applications.

the good:
- since I've been using Entourage, I have never looked back at Thunderbird anymore. I love most of the features in the Entourage
that includes: Projects - allowing you to create the project and set the rules to link emails, documents, appointments in calendar under the project thus allowing you to quickly look into the project and view at a glance what's the outstanding, or completed tasks.

- My day: which is like a widget that's pinned onto the desktop displaying your tasks, appoitments.
- Rules categorization for your emails, it's so easy to use. Now the mails that comes in from various mailbox will be autmoatically flow to the right folder which you've assigned.

the bad:
- It's just a learning curve to get around the application so as to enjoy the functionality of the application.

- I've not tested much of the PowerPoint but the additional look and feel of presentation are great and so much more eye-candied. Once I've used, I would get back on a review on PowerPoint.

If you are keen to acquire the office:mac 2008 the SRP are as per follow:

1. Brand New
Office 2008 for Mac 2008 (S$749.00 (incl 7% GST)
Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition S$959.00 (incl of 7% GST)
Office 2008 for Mac Home and Student Edition No upgrade price and retailed at S$269.00 (incl of 7% GST)

2. Upgrade price:
Office 2008 for Mac US$239.95 (retailed new at US$399.95)
Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition US$299.95 (retailed new at US$499.95)
Office 2008 for Mac Home and Student Edition No upgrade price and retailed at US$149.95

It's been great to be selected by Microsoft to do the Beta Testing for offce:mac 2008. Thanks, Microsoft for the goodies bag and the Special Media Edition office:mac 2008.