a day in the life of SAHM

seth in class
1. Sending Seth to ChildCare Centre. Accompanying him till he settled down. Then off to the market, which is conveniently located in the same building as Seth's CC. 😀

2. Took an online course today. Since we need to employ a maid for mom and help her to take care of Grace and Aval.

cauliflower & carrot
Stir Fried Cauliflower & Carrot in Ketchup (this is the uncooked version)
spare ribs
3. Prepare the dish for tonight's dinner. I am going out for dinner. So cooked for Ed. Spare Ribs in Rootbeer and Char Siew Sauce. hA!

cloudy day
4. It's a cloudy day, and rained heavily for awhile.

5. Grace did not sleep much in the afternoon. Was juggling between cooking and entertaining her.

Grace asleep
6. and finally, she slept! I could do my cooking, get ready to pick Seth up from the CC at 5.30pm.
When I reached the CC, he was clinging to his Teacher, crying. Aiyo, His teacher told me that he was clingy today and cried a few times. *heartbreak* I am worried for Monday comes, that he refuse to go to CC all together. Pray to the Lord, that He will take care of Seth's temperament. Seth starts to display his disobedience this 2 days. Desperately wants our attention. He ate and ate so much last night. Today, he is slightly better but when he is eating, he just chew and chew but never swallow his food. Hiaz.

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