Gonna be a busy week!

I am excited. Excited for the fact that we are coming to the 2nd last month of the YEAR! Thrilled that November is going to be a fabulous month, with good happenings. Though, yes, I need to be going back to work 3rd week of November. But nothing beats thinking of the things that are coming forth which are all good.
I have been having late nites, which stretches till 4-5am, that somehow cause me to have memory blocks. Whenever I think of something that requires me to act on, next moment, I can completely lost the thought and wondering what was needed for me to do? I hope I am not getting dementia at this age! 🙁
Anyway, I hope this week pass fruitfully for me, accomplishing more stuffs/projects. Soon, I need to countdown to the days I will be returning to work, being a FTWM again. Oh, ya, how I dread it but I've got no choice now. Boss requires me to return back to work early, and I have to ensure I have another bridge to cross over before I burn this one... How cruel am I?
Here's a couple of photos I've taken yesterday and today. Sweet moments and blissful. Have a wonderful week ahead!
Daddy & Grace -281007

Daddy & Seth-28-10-07

sweet purple

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