about the royalties

Another week passed, time flies and Grace's already 1.5 months old. It has been life changing with the new addition to the family. Juggling both the prince and princess, learning to handle the stress that comes with it. Although things can get a little crazy but the joy outweigh the stress and the tiredness. Joy of seeing how the both royalties grow and also how Seth dotes his sister. Endearing.

grace @ 5 weeks
Tried taking the photo of Grace and me. with my PnS.

grace looking fierce?
This princess of mind takan me today. She was sleeping on and off again. Aiyo. I can't even go to the toilet to shit!! When I get up from the sofa, she'll stir and then whine and cry. She got me stuck to her from morning till later afternoon! Can't do much things. I've planned to do my mom's alteration of shirts and clean up my mess on table and scraproom. But alas, nothing was accomplished except to do the dishes after my lunch. See how fierce this Grace is?

seth rummaging
Yesterday, Olive Tree was busy packing the storeroom, the scraproom and getting things in order. Seth took the opportunity and rummage through the stuffs that Olive Tree took out. So he was busy entertaining himself to and fro the scraproom and living room with all the goodies he found. Will post pics of the cleared up scraproom later. (As I've not done my part on organising my scrap mess!)

We've bought a playdoh kitchen set for Seth to play last weekend at Toys R Us. It was pretty cheap and he was so happy doing cooking and feeding us with his imaginary food. and yes, it lasted only for awhile and he forgot about his kitchen set already...and into the IKEA storage box it went.....kids....

Seth picking up his vocabulary pretty fast. He can pronounce words like, Vegetables, Crocodile, butterfly, 3 syllabus words, speaks in sentences as well. An incident took place last night that got us LOL.

He was playing and for a moment, so quiet, standing in front of the fish tank. We thought what had happened.
He said, "oh no, fish died already".

Then we looked at the tank, there wasn't enough water for the thank, and there were tiny air bubbles blown out from the filter pipes. Olive Tree got a shock. hahhaha...it's hilarious looking at the reaction of him as Seth kept going, "fish died already"...."fish died already".

True enough, one of the bannerfish has died. poor thing.