Mom’s the best

Kodak Moments with grandma

Mom went home last night. That marked the end of her stay with us for my confinement period. I feel so emotional about it. It's the same when I was in confinement after I gave birth to Seth. Geez, the heart felt so aching (though it's only her going back home). Spending time with her during the period was filled with a minor downs but there's no overnight grudges kinda of thing. Mom has always been taking good care of us, in terms of trying to provide us with good food, good cooking, care and love in her ways. Though at times, her demands can be quite "out of this world" but nonetheless she's my mom.

I enjoy the period she pampered me with tonics, doing the chores for us. Her actions can be very normal but I know that things she did was out of pure concern for us. The way she brighten up when she sees Seth in the morning, when she talks to Grace while carrying her in the arms. Heartwarming. Oh, even when I am writing this, I can tear a bit. See how much I've missed her already?

Sometimes, we are so caught up with things around us, the circumstances, the worries, the thoughts that they engulfed our minds. We tends to take a moment and show our love for the loved ones. We forgot to show a tiny weeny bit of concern for them. Only when one is away from us, then we realize that we have not been doing this, telling that, nicer words, better treatments..... I just hope you and I will show the little thoughts of love for your loved ones, every single day, so that you live your life, without much regrets of unsaid, undone stuffs.

Have a wonderful weekend.

My little gesture of love on 5th Oct

~ buying Provence pastries for mom to bring home

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