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I’m flickr-ed!

Thanks to AM! HAHA! Now I am loving it as I became a pro. mosiac 311007 1. freckles, 2. made in england, 3. Cathedral - IV, 4. Some things are just "WOW", 5. Irupé, 6. Sunlight lake, 7. Tangerang frog, 8. ...arguments more conclusive, 9. Jungle 30110, 10. 2007-10-28-7721_EEPC_3jlanterns, 11. DSCN2335, 12. Untitled, 13. Amy Butler Madison Handbag near Flower Pot, 14. Isis, 15. Hello..., 16. Aidan speechless... That's what I can do with flickr. How cool is that. Thanks to Ali, for showing how to come up with this mosiac.

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it’s halloween

Over here in Singapore, not many celebrate Halloween, I guess you'll see more halloween parties at the clubs/disco for the adults rather than kids. Therefore, trick or treat doesn't happen door to door. Nonetheless, I have fun snapping photos away on Halloween as my darlings are awake!
Seth & Grace - Halloween
Daddy's teasing them
Horsy Horsy
jack-o-lantern pjshacked seth??


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Gonna be a busy week!

I am excited. Excited for the fact that we are coming to the 2nd last month of the YEAR! Thrilled that November is going to be a fabulous month, with good happenings. Though, yes, I need to be going back to work 3rd week of November. But nothing beats thinking of the things that are coming forth which are all good.
I have been having late nites, which stretches till 4-5am, that somehow cause me to have memory blocks. Whenever I think of something that requires me to act on, next moment, I can completely lost the thought and wondering what was needed for me to do? I hope I am not getting dementia at this age! 🙁
Anyway, I hope this week pass fruitfully for me, accomplishing more stuffs/projects. Soon, I need to countdown to the days I will be returning to work, being a FTWM again. Oh, ya, how I dread it but I've got no choice now. Boss requires me to return back to work early, and I have to ensure I have another bridge to cross over before I burn this one... How cruel am I?
Here's a couple of photos I've taken yesterday and today. Sweet moments and blissful. Have a wonderful week ahead!
Daddy & Grace -281007

Daddy & Seth-28-10-07

sweet purple

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Random shots of Grace

Just some random shots of Grace that I've taken today. She's so grown up already! She started smiling to me on 24th October. What a milestone.

grace @ wk 7
grace @ wk 7
grace @ week 7<

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what’s happening?

Another weekend comes and I feel that the time I spend at home now pass by like tornado! URRRGH! I have so much things in mind to do and so little time. Soon, I will have to return back to workforce which I super drag... =( Wish I will be much more productive next week and Grace will be napping well in the afternoon and that will leaves me good time to do my projects.

This was taken on Wed, when I was on the bed playing with Grace. This is how she looks like now at almost 7 weeks.
We went out shopping today with my SIL. She came by our place and we decided to drop by Ngee Ann City and check out the Aut/Wint wear there. Seth was happy to be able to see his Aunt again. He missed her. We bought this Tee from Life baby and it's really cute.
Seth in floral Tee
I've got some great finds today and so happy about it.

I read from one of the inspiring blogs, which now I forgot who was it, about Envirosax and love the funky, cool designs of the bags. They make good bags to carry around for your groceries, Ikea purchase etc. I wanted to get it from Australia but then the price wasn't really worth it if I am including the shipping cost. And today, I manage to find the bags in the mall and sooo overjoyed and I just need to get them!
the designs look like these:
Chose the retro as then my dh can use it as well.

Also, I've got this little nodder! It's very cute. It will nod or shake her head when you ask her questions (JK!). I saw this on one of the K-drama that I watching and it's simply adorable. 🙂

We went to Mushroom Pot for our dinner with my brother and sil. And then Seth did this!
Seth opens door
Runs away
What is he thinking?! Running in diaper! What happened was, he spilled the cup of water on his lap. He refused to wear his pants after the pants were wet, it's not that all wet but being him, very particular, he refuses and we have no choice but to take off the pants and he goes around in the diaper!
We sat near the entrance of the restaurant, and guess what?! This little guy, went on, "Shi-ni-mah-se" when someone enters. We can't really hear what he said till he kept on repeating when someone enters. It got us laughed out loud. We've been bringing him too often to the Japanese restaurants.

Got a little bit tough getting Grace to sleep while we eat. Thank God, she slept after my dh rocked her in his arms and then he can have his dinner.
grace's asleep

So much for the little update and somethings wrong with my powerbook power supply. I hope it won't die on me, else I am going to cry like the nile river! *Pray HARD*

have a great sunday!

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about the royalties

Another week passed, time flies and Grace's already 1.5 months old. It has been life changing with the new addition to the family. Juggling both the prince and princess, learning to handle the stress that comes with it. Although things can get a little crazy but the joy outweigh the stress and the tiredness. Joy of seeing how the both royalties grow and also how Seth dotes his sister. Endearing.

grace @ 5 weeks
Tried taking the photo of Grace and me. with my PnS.

grace looking fierce?
This princess of mind takan me today. She was sleeping on and off again. Aiyo. I can't even go to the toilet to shit!! When I get up from the sofa, she'll stir and then whine and cry. She got me stuck to her from morning till later afternoon! Can't do much things. I've planned to do my mom's alteration of shirts and clean up my mess on table and scraproom. But alas, nothing was accomplished except to do the dishes after my lunch. See how fierce this Grace is?

seth rummaging
Yesterday, Olive Tree was busy packing the storeroom, the scraproom and getting things in order. Seth took the opportunity and rummage through the stuffs that Olive Tree took out. So he was busy entertaining himself to and fro the scraproom and living room with all the goodies he found. Will post pics of the cleared up scraproom later. (As I've not done my part on organising my scrap mess!)

We've bought a playdoh kitchen set for Seth to play last weekend at Toys R Us. It was pretty cheap and he was so happy doing cooking and feeding us with his imaginary food. and yes, it lasted only for awhile and he forgot about his kitchen set already...and into the IKEA storage box it went.....kids....

Seth picking up his vocabulary pretty fast. He can pronounce words like, Vegetables, Crocodile, butterfly, 3 syllabus words, speaks in sentences as well. An incident took place last night that got us LOL.

He was playing and for a moment, so quiet, standing in front of the fish tank. We thought what had happened.
He said, "oh no, fish died already".

Then we looked at the tank, there wasn't enough water for the thank, and there were tiny air bubbles blown out from the filter pipes. Olive Tree got a shock. hahhaha...it's hilarious looking at the reaction of him as Seth kept going, "fish died already"...."fish died already".

True enough, one of the bannerfish has died. poor thing.

fantabulous time with crop buddies!

I had a great time with my crop buddies, J & AM on Friday night. It's been quite awhile since we last had our crop session. We shared camera talks, jokes, played scrabulous on facebook, dinner and scrap. It's not easy, to have the cheeky Seth disturbing us while we crop but thank God that he manage to go to bed around 11yish and we continued our activities till 3plus to 4 and AM has to go home while J stayed over. Thanks, gals for the time spent and looking forward to our next session soon!

Here are some photos taken that night.
crop gallery
Jen & Seth

And here's my LO completed during the crop.
handsome in pink

I was so into the mood of scrapping that I sneaked time out from chores and kids to scrap this LO on Sunday afternoon.

Ok, next on, I am going to start Grace's album. 🙂

i-Tunes on Marr's PowerBook is playing:

Whale'S Lullaby from the album "Mother & Baby - Happy Baby Series : Bonding Music For Mother & Child" by Georg Gabler

Going official

Our Family in Oct 07

So love this very official photo of our family. 🙂 This shot was taken with some difficulty as Seth was very active then and was playing with the sliding door.... I have to get the position right, aim and start the self-timer, grabbed Seth and with all that, be ready for the shot! Thank God, it's a great shot, as all of us are looking at the camera, even Baby Grace! 😀 What an accomplishment.

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Mom’s the best

Kodak Moments with grandma

Mom went home last night. That marked the end of her stay with us for my confinement period. I feel so emotional about it. It's the same when I was in confinement after I gave birth to Seth. Geez, the heart felt so aching (though it's only her going back home). Spending time with her during the period was filled with a minor downs but there's no overnight grudges kinda of thing. Mom has always been taking good care of us, in terms of trying to provide us with good food, good cooking, care and love in her ways. Though at times, her demands can be quite "out of this world" but nonetheless she's my mom.

I enjoy the period she pampered me with tonics, doing the chores for us. Her actions can be very normal but I know that things she did was out of pure concern for us. The way she brighten up when she sees Seth in the morning, when she talks to Grace while carrying her in the arms. Heartwarming. Oh, even when I am writing this, I can tear a bit. See how much I've missed her already?

Sometimes, we are so caught up with things around us, the circumstances, the worries, the thoughts that they engulfed our minds. We tends to take a moment and show our love for the loved ones. We forgot to show a tiny weeny bit of concern for them. Only when one is away from us, then we realize that we have not been doing this, telling that, nicer words, better treatments..... I just hope you and I will show the little thoughts of love for your loved ones, every single day, so that you live your life, without much regrets of unsaid, undone stuffs.

Have a wonderful weekend.

My little gesture of love on 5th Oct

~ buying Provence pastries for mom to bring home

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This LO is done for my OBGYN. To thank him for being a wonderful gynae throughout my pregnancy. Ages since I've last done an LO. Before I gave birth to my princess on 3rd Sept, I was planning on an LO for Seth. But was quite mojoless, and the LO was sitting there on the scrap table for so long...... During the 1 month of confinement (after birthing), I did a card and this LO. The card was not very well done, and it was for my best friend's birthday, which I didn't intend to give to her as it was kinda of damage in process. However, my best friend didn't mind the minor damage and wanted to have it. 🙂

I've used SOMO August Kit for this LO that I've done for my OBGYN. The shadow box was from IKEA, and I've painted it with Acrylic paint, stamped with RF Flourishes Clear Stamp and heat embossed with distressed embossing powder. Fun project and am glad my OBGYN likes it.


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