We brought Grace to the PD today. Just this morning, when she's asleep, I placed her on the reclining rocker. Had my lunch and while I was washing up the dishes, heard that she has a few coughs. Then another few coughs followed, thought it could be Seth's coughing as well, so didn't check out what happened till I was done with the dishes. When I walked to the living room, nearly had a shocked. As Grace actually vomited the feed I have gave her earlier, her shirt was soaking slimy, even the rocker's cover is and dripping. AIYO! So heartache. She kinda of vomited her phlegm out in the process, which to me is probably a good way to expel the nasty phelgm.

Olive Tree came back home around 1pm, the wait for Grace's turn in the clinic was about 2.5hours so we left home around 3pm so that we do not have to wait for the longest time in the clinic. Dr Lilian, gave Grace a check and said that her lungs are cleared. Checking her throat can see there was phlegm. She prescribed a cough syrup, prospan with I can't remember what's the other combined drug for Grace. My darling princess have to take medication at this age, I felt so incompetent in taking care of her and not ensuring she's healthy and all. So for the next 3 days, have to monitor her cough, her breathing. Will cough a bit more frequent coupled with phlegm, and hope it'll clear up soon.

Seth and Olive Tree have already slept in the scraproom and therefore, now the master bedroom is all to Grace and me. I woke up now as Grace was having some cough and realised that she projectile vomit again in her sleep. Got her sleeves and the bed stained with milk. Why projectile? Cause the milk vomited shot towards my Pajamas as well. 🙁

For this confinement, it seems that we are not having enough rest. Have been in waking moments, checking out the elder boy last week when he was down with flu bug. Also, Seth's nightmares. Now, need to wake up constantly to check out Grace. Tiring indeed. All I want is both my kids are well and happy. Olive Tree to completely healed from his conditions of cough, sore throat as well. Seeing all my loved ones so bugged with flu makes me very upset.


Jesus, you are the redeemer, the author and finisher, and you make us overcomer over all situations! These cares we cast to you and know that your promises and healings are fulfilled more than 2000 years ago in Calvary when you bear all of the sins, sickness for us! Thank you Lord for being our Savior and helper in times. Amen!

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