Let it all out!

gracewk03-07Grace develops reflux for the past 2 days. Wonder what's the cause of the reflux, if my milk is oversupply or is it due to the strong let-down. As when I am breasfeeding her, she'll kinda choke herself when the let-down kicks in. I was thinking it's just a case of choking. This morning, while we were still asleep, Grace projectile vomited and I got a shocked! Quickly cleaned her up. Realised that she has some nose dirt to be cleaned as they seems to block her breathing. They look a bit greenish-yellowish, wonder if its normal as this the first time we clean her nose since she's back home from hospital. Whole day, she had cough a few times, though not consistent but always when I am bfg her or after her feed. It really worries me, as Seth just recovered from his flu virus. Was told to isolate both of them, but Seth's very clinging and nightmares almost every night. Moreover now, Olive Tree's sick as well. URRRRGH! I feel very helpless. We got to bring Grace to the PD for a check up to see if medications required for her slight cough. I can't sleep with knowing that it may be her elder brother spreading the cough to her, since Seth loves to go near Grace and show his affection. If I keep pushing him away, he'll feel so rejected. It's not easy to manage.
GraceSleeping soundly in the afternoon. Somehow, she's grown so fast, comparing to Seth at the same time. Probably is the difference in feeding pattern. Just love gazing at her while she sleeps, or she's cooing, ahhhing... very cute. I know that Olive Tree wanted very much to hold and cuddle Grace since she's born. But prior to all Seth's ailment, he was down with cough and now, after taking care of Seth most of the time, he is down again with flu and really bad inflammatory throat. Totally heartache to see him in this state.

Seth boyWhile this little guy, have been giving us quite a fair bit of headache since the arrival of Grace. Today's he went back to his "refusing food" manner. I don't know if it's due to the fact that daddy's home, and he starts to TAKAN his daddy by not listening to our instructions/nags. It's frustrating enough. End up, Olive Tree is too sick to even bother about him and went to take a nap instead. Aiyo. I am so torn between the two kids. One moment, I wanna show my care and concern for Seth, next moment, I need to bfg Grace, change her diapers and all, but I have to bear in mind to keep myself as hygiene as possible, so that means, my contact with Seth has to be kept to minimal, else I will always run to toilet and dettol my hands and arms before I handle Grace. So these days, my hands are super dry!

Seth reading Yes, if only, everyday, Seth can sit down and read a book himself, be as obedient, I would be so much more peaceful. Too dreamy...

Our prayers to God that the diseases and sickness leaves us and we claim the promises of Psalm 91!! AMEN!

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