Going Craze over… LEGO

legorescueIt all started with my Boss, who came to visit me in the hospital. He bought a Police Car LEGO for Seth. Nice. Then, Olive Tree went shopping during the weekdays last week, and bought, a Fire-Truck, a ambulance. So mommy me, put all of them together and had fun doing LEGO! Aiyo, in my lifetime, I've never really piece up a complete LEGO before!! So what an accomplishment for me! All these for Seth.

LaCie HDDAnd... on Saturday, 1st Sept, 2 days before I gave birth to Grace, Jon, Marg, Olive Tree, Seth and I went to COMEX! Just the urge to buy a LEGO External HardDisk that I've been eyeing for the longest time. Ok, From Hardware Zone, it stated that 350GB LEGO RED External HDD was selling at S$159. I was thinking, "really good buy wor!" So evening came and we went to squeeze with the crowd to get my hands on the harddisk. ALAS! When we reach the Ban Leong Booth, what was shown, 250GB External Harddisk selling at S$159. It was a typo in HardwareZone! Darn! Anyway, I chose design over the space, as there was a Porsche Design External HDD of 350GB selling at S$169 ( I think) which is plainly normal kinda of harddisk you see. Glad I got this and loving the look on my scrap table. This HDD works so well with my PB. So I can simply dump all my photos in there and save up my PB HDD space. Product of HDD is from LaCie

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