Angry Sethto juggle between a toddler and a newborn. It's not easy but I am learning and trying to be as "competent" as possible. If there's such word for being a mother! It has been a week since the birth of Grace. Everyday turns out to be a challenge, for Olive Tree and me. Seth is very sticky to Olive Tree. It's so super-glued that every meal, Seth would want him to carry, whining non-stop.... It kinds of really get the nerves as he refuses to eat, refuses to be "obedient". He can goes into a frenzy, shouting, banging his car, throwing his toys away and then said that he is a naughty boy. *shake head* His tantrums can just turn up suddenly and caught us off guard. We wonder why. Whenever I blew my top, I would caution myself not to overdo it. Which I did on one such occasion on last Saturday night. I was fuming when he just refuses to eat and all ways were used to coax him by my mom and Olive Tree. So end up, I picked him up, and put him in the toilet, wanting to close the toilet door! YES! I am crazy, but I think he needs the time out, which toilet would be the place I can think of. Mom and Olive Tree came to his rescue and stopped me from closing the door on him. HIAZ! I am near to tears then. Being angry at not able to control Seth and not able to be patient with him.

After that such incident, I kept on reminding myself not to be too harsh towards Seth. Like I've said, learning......
He fell sick since end of Aug, with slight runny nose. With not much eating when he's home, and while we were in the hospital, he's daily pattern was so much disrupted. Last night, he starts to have fever coupled with phlegmy cough and runny nose....... Seth's very loving towards to his baby sister Grace. He always wants to sayang her, kiss her. But we have to keep the distance away between the both of them so as not to spread the germs. However, it has to be tactical too as I don't want him to feel so left out if I push him away... so I would always tell him, "you sayang mei mei's hands ok?" Pray for Seth that he'll get well soon and God's health and wholeness upon him.

SethDespite all his tantrums, at times when I chasten him, reprimand him, he will listen and look remorseful. At least to Olive Tree and I, he is still a good boy. As always, I will tell myself that this is just a phase that he is going through and he'll move on. I just hope that he'll eat proper meals and not go hunger. Even at times when patience thins out in coaxing him to eat, I will chuck his food away. Then after half an hour, try again. No choice, I would not want him to go hungry. Olive Tree would have much more patience in this than me. Just last night, when he came back, he bathed and then coax him to eat bao, eat cheese what have we so that Seth doesn't go on empty stomach. I feel so ashamed......

Grace @ 1 week
Grace @ 1 week

She's a darling, it's feeding, sleeping, talking, cooing for her. She cries with a very constant pitch. Funny. Her hiccups is so girly.... She poops so much! Sometimes, I changed diaper for her, next moment, you'll hear, "prark....." another round of changing! That's the thing with breastfed baby.... you'll get yellow mustard poop frequently but at least not smelly.

Oki, got to go check out lil Prince. He is messing around in the room with his toys again.

Currently I am a :

Milking machine to Princess Grace,
Diapers Changer to Princess Grace

Tissue holder and nose cleaner to Prince Seth,
Wrestler to Prince Seth for medication feeding

My present weight : 60kg -- (12 more kg to shed!)

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