Birth Story of Grace Charissa Goh

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Grace Charissa Goh

Day 2, Grace with her chubby look.

Birth Story
3rd Sept 2007
4.40pm - We went to Adrian's Clinic, was an impromptu visit as I just wanna check if my water bag was leaking. We had a late lunch at Subway, United Square.

5.00pm - Adrian did a check on my cervix and it is 3cm dilated, Grace still looks so comfortable in my womb sleeping. So we deduced probably, she's not going to come out that night. We were still jokingly saying that we'll see how it goes for the next few days, so I scheduled 7th Sept 2007 for the next appointment.

5.30pm - Left Adrian's clinic, felt a bit of cramps but since I was having periodic contractions, some cramps for the past few days, I felt it was dismissible. Edward said we probably go home that night after dinner at my mom's. I was eager to go home too, as there was an ITQ (online quotation) to be submitted by 2359hrs that night. Have told boss that I will submit, though am already on leave. 🙁

6.15pm - Thought cramps became intense coupled with backaches. I told Edward about it. He said, sure or not?? As I've given a few false alarm for the few nights already...hee... I said, "it's pretty real!" I need to clear bowels as well...hahaha.... ate light dinner and then cleared my bowel. I've called Adrian and told him, "it's time!!" So, he said he'll wait for me at TMC...and said, "finally arh!"

7.00pm - Left for TMC, called my colleague to ask him to submit the ITQ for me. Thoughts running about how should I go about my birth process......etc.....

7.30pm - reached TMC, admitted to the Delivery Suite, put under observation. Midwife came and examined, said it was 4-5cm dilated, cervix felt very soft. So she will not administer enema for me. Worry that I would give birth while clearing bowel. Geez... I requested if I can don't strap to CTG when I am in Delivery Suite, but midwife said need to monitor baby's heartbeat. So I tried my 2nd trick, went to toilet, to clean up myself after being shaved, and stayed in toilet do my cha-cha! 15 mins later, midwife told me that Adrian has arrived, so no choice lor, got to get out of toilet. Head to DS. Edward wasn't inside yet as he was doing admission for me.

8.08pm - Adrian came, as usual with his infectious laugh and jokes, lighten the mood of birthing. He burst my water bag, and we make a pact, to deliver in 1 hour!! Silly... Midwife Mary Ann, was scheduled to knock off at 9.30pm, so I said, I will birth before she leave and she must stay till I birth....hee...Pretty nice Philippino midwife. though we miss Pei Pei who previously was my midwife.

8.30pm - the contractions starts to get close and intense. I was massaging my back. I told Edward to tell me when is the peak then I prep to massage. Edward said a prayer while we were alone in the room. As usual, my album to play on my E61, Blessed from Hillsong. Oh, then a cuckoo nurse came in, said, "radio arh? of radio now.... distracting to your wife." Edward told her," it's the way my wife wanna it to be, calm her mind and listen to the Praise and Worship!!" Then she kept quiet.....

8.45pm - Felt the 1st urge to push, so asked Edward to press for the nurse and alert her. Praying fervently, Edward comforting and guiding me to breathe in and out. This moment, thoughts not on the pain but need to focus on the Lord's Strength! Nurse came in and check me, said need to wait for the next contraction, to measure the dilation. It was 7cm and she said she'll call for Adrian. The contractions and urge to push becomes greater with each contraction. When I see Adrian, I said, "finally!!" Sense of relieve and joy that I'll be seeing Grace soon. It's always comforting to have a very supportive husband by the side and encouraging, helping and cheering you on. Ed did a great job. Ed was telling me I delivered Grace in 3-4 pushes/contractions. I was pushing with all my might and when the ending of the delivery comes, I almost have no more strength, Adrian said, "don't give up!!" "Push, Boon Hwee!!" Aiyo, that's really a difference and wonder how he knows that I almost no more strength liao... At the moment, all I can think of, "Jesus, please renew my strength to finish this delivery!!"

9.21pm - Grace Charissa Goh was born! She's so chubby and with so much hair. The kinda of joy with tears which is unexplainable till you got to experience it yourself. Adrian said, "here's your baby gal!" The midwife passed Grace to me and let me cuddle her with her umbilical cord still attached, Ed was taking video. Then Adrian asked him to cut the umbilical cord asap as need to collect the cord blood. 🙂 Adrian managed to collect 180ml of cord blood, which the midwife was telling me its a lot. I've got a minor tear but this time round, no need for episiotomy. I was more alert to know what Adrian was doing with my placenta, stitching me and all. I think I really looked very relieve and relax after the birthing process as what I reviewed from the video taken. =) I felt weak due to not taking much dinner. So, first thing is to have supper when I go to the ward!! Hee...

Grace's weight : 3.480kg (7,108Ibs)
Grace's height : 49cm
Grace's head circumference: 33cm

We waited for almost an hour plus to be wheeled to the room. Apparently, there are shortage of single-bedded room in TMC that night, as there were quite a no. of delivery cases. Finally, the hospital gave us a two-bedded room and it was more spacious and Ed can get to sleep on proper bed instead of a sofa bed. Just like my first birthing of Seth, I feel all the hype and even though my body is tired but I can't sleep at all and kept replaying the birthing experience of Grace. Our prayers and thanksgiving to God for giving us a supernatural childbirth and also no complications and all our hearts' desired. Also, with a fabulous gynae like Adrian, we are in God's hands! =)

Thanks to all the well wishes and concern from friends and relatives.

Here are some photos to share with you all.
The Delivery TEam
The Delivery Team

Seth's sayang Grace
Seth's showing his love for her Meimei Grace

Seth's kissing Grace
Seth kissing Grace, so sweet

Seth opening the present
Seth happily opening present from Grace

Playmobil Fire Engine from Grace


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