showing it differently

rackhangerSometimes, there are questions on my mind, on the love I have for Olive Tree or vice versa. How much we love each other? Ok, mushy....but that's the fact. Women in general will have such thoughts, whether the husbands still love the wives like courtship days, will the love ever change...blah blah blah... Maybe it's due to the fact that husband and wife have been staying together for so long, somehow or rather, might have taken each other for granted and will not express the love for one another that often which spurs such funny thoughts.

However, my man has chosen the other ways to show me he still cares and loves me as much. For the little or big things that he do for the family and me. Olive Tree was in my scraproom last night, while I was in the living room watching Oprah. I thought he was doing some handywork for Grace's cabinets or something for Seth..... This morning, when I woke up, I went to my scraproom and this was what I saw besides my scrap table.... It's so sweet of him to do this hanger for me to hang my scrapbook stuffs. It's a way to show me, he know my needs...hahahaha... that's him, silent worker... but sweet. I appreciate that greatly and thank God for a husband with actions of love. 🙂

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