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seth @ John 3:16This boy..... started to give us this headache of controlling him in the public. He is flying all over the places and refuse to be carried. Exploring, demanding, what have you! Toddlerhood is definitely challenging. As we thought, he is pretty gentle at times, but when he is demanding, he can shout so loud, I can even hear him when I am in the public toilet! Aiyo! The frustrating thing about him these days, he loves to end his demands with "..... lar, ..... lar!!" We kept wondering who did he learn this from?? From us? couldn't be, as we don't end our sentences that often with "lar". He can go on forever to get what he wants, repeating himself again and again. Very long-winded manz! it's a boy!We went out for lunch with Jon and Marg at J8 this afternoon. After which, we visited my colleague's wife who has given birth to a 9 pounder! Natural and without epidural! Baby Jared is so adorable! Here's what I've made for Baby Jared's parents. Simple card, with the baby blue. My colleague has recorded a video of his wife's birth process, kinda inspiring me to do the same as well. Told Olive Tree about it and he said, "where got time?! Still have to let you hold, calm you and all, how to video?" (**-) We'll see. Seeing the baby, caused me to reminisce the time I birthed Seth and all. It's still so vivid in my mind. Counting down to 23 days to delivering Grace. She's now, 2.6kg, so very active in my womb. She starts to drill and drill downwards to my groin area, causing me aches and discomfort (esp. the need to go pee-ing regularly) In a night, I can go to the toilet for 4-5 times! Getting into bed, is tough. It's tightening and positioning of her in my womb that gets me very uncomfortable. So drag.... but still have to sleep. This 2 nights, I wasn't able to sleep too well. The feeling as if, I am going to birth her anytime. I do feel aches at the lower back, a bit of cramps. Told my gynae about it but he said it's due to pressure. Asked me not to worry too much. Probably going to give birth earlier as compared to Seth who is 1 day overdue. With that, I will be more worried, as my work is still piling up, nothing handover to my boss. Why do I worry if my boss can cope or not? Hiaz.... Gynae said, leave it to the boss to do, I should just rest and await the delivery of my princess.... Wish I can be that worry free.... With the regular braxton hicks and work, I get so tired. Thousands of things in my mind. What should I do, what to pack, what to prep. URRRGH! Ok, to relief a bit of my stress, I went shopping again.. this time round, bought the ever thought for so long gadget!

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM I've been contemplating between the above and

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM seth enjoying himselfhonestly, I love the 50mm lens better due to the great aperture, as you can see from the picture of Seth on the right and above, taken with it. However, a zoom lens wound be good for me as well, since I can have a wider range of coverage and not having to move so much to capture scenes of Seth or Grace. Thanks to Sam, who has advised me on the lens and also loan me one lens for the longest time! He would be loaning me the 50mm lens to use. 🙂

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