How he has grown… so is she… and work

seth2yowk6-05Have been busy for most of the weekends, shopping, spring cleaning around the house, resting, working.... Seems to have so much to do and so little time now. For I am such a last minute person, still not able to do proper time management. Sad.

About Seth
Toddlerhood has been challenging. He shows his temperament, he speaks his mind, learns really quick, be it bad or good habits. At a stage, he can be such a good boy a day, the next day, he wants to get what he wants and relentless till he gets them. We can pull all our hair out and he still insist to have it his way. Coaxing, scolding, all we've tried..... indeed challenging. We have to be really patience and stick to a routine for him. No matter how tired I may be, I would stick to the regular routine of getting him to brush his teeth, clean his face, morning, night, nap when we are at home. Cos if he didn't get his deserving rest, we get our deserving tantrums from Seth. As usual, he will make us melt with his awesome silly smile and laughters, calling sweetly, "Daddy, Mommy". Showing us his funny expressions. Singing to us, "I love you, you love me.......". Lately, we have been coaxing him to let his mei mei sleep in his baby cot, and he to co-sleep with daddy on the floor mattress. He keeps refusing and end up, for two nights now, he wants to sleep in the baby cot and not move to our queen size bed (which he normally do) It's amusing to see him getting so territorial. WE'll try harder nonetheless.

About Grace/RuiEn
This little princess, is getting so big! She is approximately 2.4kg now... 4 more weeks to go. Definitely, active in my womb, as she kicks and moves a lot in the day and nights. The good part of it, she doesn't wake me up so often in the night, except for my peeing time, when I feel the pressure on my bladder. So I would visit the toilet, 2-3 times a night. Better than the days when I am carrying Seth in my womb, which I wake up so often. Grace is in this position now that I can feel she's drilling into my pelvic area, moving, so it gets uncomfortable to sit for too long, esp. in the office. I can stand up and work, it looks weird but I've got no choice.... Else I would feel that I am restricting her movement, or I might have caused her discomfort if I sit for too long.

I've bought quite a few of her new to my delight. Can't imagine when she's out of my womb, I would buy even more! We'll be seeing our gyynae again this Friday. I always look forward to the U/S scan. seeing her, chubby. Lots of people I've met kept telling me I look really heavy, sad lor but no choice lar. My tummy is like a big big balloon. Even my boss said he worried I may pop anytime now, which of course, I do not wish too and my prayers is to deliver in 40 weeks gestation! So God's timing it will be! I would miss being pregnant. I am not sure if we are going to go for no. 3 but it's a mixed feeling at this stage, to be immersed in being pregnant, enjoy some special treatment at home and at work, or can't wait to see Grace face to face, hold her tiny hands and caress her hair.

Things to do for the next 4 weeks,
1. Pack my hospital bag
2. Wash all the baby's clothes
3. Clean the kitchen, sterilise the baby bottles, breast pumps what have we?
4. Last minute shopping, if I can manage......

On Work
Yes, 4 more weeks and loads of works to do! I can't clear my paperwork, I get so panicky. I rely on God's strength to go by everyday. If not for Him, i would have given up. But I know I have to face my giants and just do whatever I can. My colleague left last friday. So now I am on my own. My covering would be my boss, which I am worry as I hope he is not so badly overloaded as he has his fair share of work to cover as well. URRRGH!!! I do not want to be soaking in incompetency and Just hope that the day will be productive so I can clear as much as I can. Have been working till 7yish 8 on some days. On days that I need to go for meetings, I would work off-site, you would probably see me hang at Starbucks, vivo. What to do, cheapskate having free wireless and a cuppa. One -ve is no power point. So I would full charge my laptop and work till it drained, say 2 hours?? At days, when I feel unwell, giddy spells, I would still drag myself to work, cos I can't afford a day not to step into office to clear stuffs. Lately, I've have so much requests for quotations and blah blah blah, quote till I almost faint! From yesterday onwards, I would keep my boss in the loop for all I've quoted so that if I really need to go on mc, which I don't want to, he will know what to cover me. No choice, I guess.

Alrighty, preparing to go to office already. Start of a day, with God's grace and favours!