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39 weeks 1 day

Jeral & SethFinally a photo of Seth and his God-sis. This was taken at family lunch gathering last Saturday. We went to Suki Sakura at TPY to celebrate dad's birthday. Seth had fun with his cousins whom he sees only occasionally.

So lack of updates lately. Of course, reason being I am too lazy to blog and tell what's happening as I am so sleep deprived, overwhelmed with work (trying to clear and clear), into my 40 weeks of pregnancy is very challenging as I am so heavy now. I can feel so breathless at times..... 🙁 I want to do things, scrap, sew, what have you but the body is weak. God has been good. Comparing to last few weeks, this week I am more fruitful at work, I managed to list down the major outstanding tasks, follow-ups and logged in POs, cleared my tender submission. This list of o/s works will be sent to my boss, will be surrendering my laptop to my boss so he can access my work and emails. It'll be good for me as well as I don't have to burden with work when I am in my maternity. Great to hear from boss that I can go on leave starting monday!!! Better than nothing lor.

Went to visit Adrian today. As usual, my super duper joker gynae, makes my stressful mind relax. The good thing about Adrian is he will chat up with you, and offer his views on pregnancy, shares his knowledge and his read-ups. Also, he even can advice on my work matters.... Ultrasound scan today shown Grace is already 3.28kg! Amazing arh! Adrian is a bit concern as I am smaller in frame. He would hope that Grace will come and say hi to everyone this weekend..... as he said, bigger baby correlates to a harder birthing experience. So hor, asked me to talk to Grace lor. Roughly gauge, I think Grace would probably be born with 3.5kg birth weight. Grace is already engaged. She looks chubby and seems to have Seth's nose by looking at the U/S scan. The cute thing is everytime we see her in the U/S Scan, she's like suckling....

Oh, my neighbor who had EDD almost nearer to me have already given birth to her beautiful daughter on Wednesday. Gosh!!! So blessed. Baby weighs 3.2kg. Guess my neighbor would be home tomorrow already... while I am tapping my fingers awaiting for labour.....

Tomorrow would be the last day of work for me. Got to clear as much as possible. Nitty Gritty stuffs, I guess I have to let go. Boh Pian. Felt bad that I owe my contractors some outstanding POs. 🙁 Anyway, boss has asked me to go back in Nov as he said he wanna take a break as well..... aiyo.... that's my worse fear lor. But then again, I told him I would let him know after my 1 month maternity leave.

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showing it differently

rackhangerSometimes, there are questions on my mind, on the love I have for Olive Tree or vice versa. How much we love each other? Ok, mushy....but that's the fact. Women in general will have such thoughts, whether the husbands still love the wives like courtship days, will the love ever change...blah blah blah... Maybe it's due to the fact that husband and wife have been staying together for so long, somehow or rather, might have taken each other for granted and will not express the love for one another that often which spurs such funny thoughts.

However, my man has chosen the other ways to show me he still cares and loves me as much. For the little or big things that he do for the family and me. Olive Tree was in my scraproom last night, while I was in the living room watching Oprah. I thought he was doing some handywork for Grace's cabinets or something for Seth..... This morning, when I woke up, I went to my scraproom and this was what I saw besides my scrap table.... It's so sweet of him to do this hanger for me to hang my scrapbook stuffs. It's a way to show me, he know my needs...hahahaha... that's him, silent worker... but sweet. I appreciate that greatly and thank God for a husband with actions of love. 🙂

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Botak on 19th Aug 2007

botak on 18th Aug 2007

Seth's goes Botak today!! Wonder how the grandparents will react seeing him like this..... I know my mom would be so happy cos she has been bugging us to cut him botak.


We went to Sembawang Park for a stroll. Seth enjoyed the bubbles time at the park and were more adventurous this time. Chasing after the bubbles, running down slopes and all.
Sembawang Park

our handsome boy


That's what Seth thinks as well..... when you hear him saying, " I want to see handsome boy." He is refering to himself.... so vain!

23 days…

seth @ John 3:16This boy..... started to give us this headache of controlling him in the public. He is flying all over the places and refuse to be carried. Exploring, demanding, what have you! Toddlerhood is definitely challenging. As we thought, he is pretty gentle at times, but when he is demanding, he can shout so loud, I can even hear him when I am in the public toilet! Aiyo! The frustrating thing about him these days, he loves to end his demands with "..... lar, ..... lar!!" We kept wondering who did he learn this from?? From us? couldn't be, as we don't end our sentences that often with "lar". He can go on forever to get what he wants, repeating himself again and again. Very long-winded manz! it's a boy!We went out for lunch with Jon and Marg at J8 this afternoon. After which, we visited my colleague's wife who has given birth to a 9 pounder! Natural and without epidural! Baby Jared is so adorable! Here's what I've made for Baby Jared's parents. Simple card, with the baby blue. My colleague has recorded a video of his wife's birth process, kinda inspiring me to do the same as well. Told Olive Tree about it and he said, "where got time?! Still have to let you hold, calm you and all, how to video?" (**-) We'll see. Seeing the baby, caused me to reminisce the time I birthed Seth and all. It's still so vivid in my mind. Counting down to 23 days to delivering Grace. She's now, 2.6kg, so very active in my womb. She starts to drill and drill downwards to my groin area, causing me aches and discomfort (esp. the need to go pee-ing regularly) In a night, I can go to the toilet for 4-5 times! Getting into bed, is tough. It's tightening and positioning of her in my womb that gets me very uncomfortable. So drag.... but still have to sleep. This 2 nights, I wasn't able to sleep too well. The feeling as if, I am going to birth her anytime. I do feel aches at the lower back, a bit of cramps. Told my gynae about it but he said it's due to pressure. Asked me not to worry too much. Probably going to give birth earlier as compared to Seth who is 1 day overdue. With that, I will be more worried, as my work is still piling up, nothing handover to my boss. Why do I worry if my boss can cope or not? Hiaz.... Gynae said, leave it to the boss to do, I should just rest and await the delivery of my princess.... Wish I can be that worry free.... With the regular braxton hicks and work, I get so tired. Thousands of things in my mind. What should I do, what to pack, what to prep. URRRGH! Ok, to relief a bit of my stress, I went shopping again.. this time round, bought the ever thought for so long gadget!

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM I've been contemplating between the above and

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM seth enjoying himselfhonestly, I love the 50mm lens better due to the great aperture, as you can see from the picture of Seth on the right and above, taken with it. However, a zoom lens wound be good for me as well, since I can have a wider range of coverage and not having to move so much to capture scenes of Seth or Grace. Thanks to Sam, who has advised me on the lens and also loan me one lens for the longest time! He would be loaning me the 50mm lens to use. 🙂

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National Day – Craft Day

Woke up at 6 plus in the morning and scrapped this LO. Was thinking to submit this LO for the TeamGroovie's August Challenge. sun sand beach Used: Love Elsie's PPs, Roxie ribbon, Hambly Screen Prints, Crateboard Alpha, EK Inspirables Metal Tags. Cushion Seats Project (For Seth's Chairs) cushion seats for seth Olive Tree wanted the cushion seats for Seth's chair. So he took the measurement and asked me to make the cushion seats. The first attempt was not really good. At least the 2nd attempt was ok and fit the chair well. (Makes me glad). (^.^) The Japanese fabric was purchased last week from 69 Arab Street (Thanks, Jo for sharing the lobang)

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*moments – ruining*


Made this for my colleague's daughter who is full month's old yesterday.
Used: Sassassfras Lass, AL PPs, AL RF Clear Stamps, HeroArts Stamp, Prima Flowers, AC Blings, HS Plastic Alpha, MM Gloss Glaze.

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How he has grown… so is she… and work

seth2yowk6-05Have been busy for most of the weekends, shopping, spring cleaning around the house, resting, working.... Seems to have so much to do and so little time now. For I am such a last minute person, still not able to do proper time management. Sad.

About Seth
Toddlerhood has been challenging. He shows his temperament, he speaks his mind, learns really quick, be it bad or good habits. At a stage, he can be such a good boy a day, the next day, he wants to get what he wants and relentless till he gets them. We can pull all our hair out and he still insist to have it his way. Coaxing, scolding, all we've tried..... indeed challenging. We have to be really patience and stick to a routine for him. No matter how tired I may be, I would stick to the regular routine of getting him to brush his teeth, clean his face, morning, night, nap when we are at home. Cos if he didn't get his deserving rest, we get our deserving tantrums from Seth. As usual, he will make us melt with his awesome silly smile and laughters, calling sweetly, "Daddy, Mommy". Showing us his funny expressions. Singing to us, "I love you, you love me.......". Lately, we have been coaxing him to let his mei mei sleep in his baby cot, and he to co-sleep with daddy on the floor mattress. He keeps refusing and end up, for two nights now, he wants to sleep in the baby cot and not move to our queen size bed (which he normally do) It's amusing to see him getting so territorial. WE'll try harder nonetheless.

About Grace/RuiEn
This little princess, is getting so big! She is approximately 2.4kg now... 4 more weeks to go. Definitely, active in my womb, as she kicks and moves a lot in the day and nights. The good part of it, she doesn't wake me up so often in the night, except for my peeing time, when I feel the pressure on my bladder. So I would visit the toilet, 2-3 times a night. Better than the days when I am carrying Seth in my womb, which I wake up so often. Grace is in this position now that I can feel she's drilling into my pelvic area, moving, so it gets uncomfortable to sit for too long, esp. in the office. I can stand up and work, it looks weird but I've got no choice.... Else I would feel that I am restricting her movement, or I might have caused her discomfort if I sit for too long.

I've bought quite a few of her new clothings....shopping to my delight. Can't imagine when she's out of my womb, I would buy even more! We'll be seeing our gyynae again this Friday. I always look forward to the U/S scan. seeing her, chubby. Lots of people I've met kept telling me I look really heavy, sad lor but no choice lar. My tummy is like a big big balloon. Even my boss said he worried I may pop anytime now, which of course, I do not wish too and my prayers is to deliver in 40 weeks gestation! So God's timing it will be! I would miss being pregnant. I am not sure if we are going to go for no. 3 but it's a mixed feeling at this stage, to be immersed in being pregnant, enjoy some special treatment at home and at work, or can't wait to see Grace face to face, hold her tiny hands and caress her hair.

Things to do for the next 4 weeks,
1. Pack my hospital bag
2. Wash all the baby's clothes
3. Clean the kitchen, sterilise the baby bottles, breast pumps what have we?
4. Last minute shopping, if I can manage......

On Work
Yes, 4 more weeks and loads of works to do! I can't clear my paperwork, I get so panicky. I rely on God's strength to go by everyday. If not for Him, i would have given up. But I know I have to face my giants and just do whatever I can. My colleague left last friday. So now I am on my own. My covering would be my boss, which I am worry as I hope he is not so badly overloaded as he has his fair share of work to cover as well. URRRGH!!! I do not want to be soaking in incompetency and Just hope that the day will be productive so I can clear as much as I can. Have been working till 7yish 8 on some days. On days that I need to go for meetings, I would work off-site, you would probably see me hang at Starbucks, vivo. What to do, cheapskate having free wireless and a cuppa. One -ve is no power point. So I would full charge my laptop and work till it drained, say 2 hours?? At days, when I feel unwell, giddy spells, I would still drag myself to work, cos I can't afford a day not to step into office to clear stuffs. Lately, I've have so much requests for quotations and blah blah blah, quote till I almost faint! From yesterday onwards, I would keep my boss in the loop for all I've quoted so that if I really need to go on mc, which I don't want to, he will know what to cover me. No choice, I guess.

Alrighty, preparing to go to office already. Start of a day, with God's grace and favours!

How Great is Our God

A song that I like after watching Praise Baby-My Father's World DVD. VERSE(1): The splendor of the King, Clothed in majesty Let all the earth rejoice, All the earth rejoice He wraps himself in light, And darkness tries to hide And trembles at his voice, And trembles at his voice CHORUS(1): How great is our God, sing with me How great is our God, and all will see How great, How great Is our God VERSE(2): Age to age he stands And time is in His Hands Beginning and the End, Beginning and the End The Godhead, Three in one Father, Spirit, Son The Lion and the Lamb, The Lion and the Lamb CHORUS(1): How great is our God, sing with me How great is our God, all will see How great, How great Is our God CHORUS(2) Name above all names You are Worthy of our praise and My heart will sing how great Is our God (x2) CHORUS(1): How great is our God, Sing with me How great is our God, and all will see How great, How great Is our God CHORUS(1): How great is our God, Sing with me How great is our God, and all will see How great, How great Is our God

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