Life isn’t about a bed of roses

roseIt's a about enjoying the simpler pleasure of life, to enjoy the moments, even how insignificant it may be. Eg, holding the little hands of Seth, eating bread in the car with Olive Tree and Seth, strolling Seth up and down escalators, tilting him downwards, having addictive hobbies!

Oh and so the new hobby starts from the purchase of a sewing machine. No, I would not want it to be 3 mins kind of passion but a long long one, just like why I love scrapbooking! Yupz, the hobbies I have needs investment but prudence, prudence in spending...

Over the weekend, here's my loot from the local stores.


I so love the turquoise polka-dot, (fetish for turquoise colors lately). The very 1st fabric in big floral prints,.... they are thick cotton, thinking of using them to do mini bags or pouch as a first try before I invest in better fabric, (esp from the States), I so love the recent findings on the net and can't help but to share with you. Amy Butler Design, flappergirlfabrics, ebay Store-La Chakra.

Blogs that I find are interesting reads on Sewing, especially bags!
1. u-handbag
2. creative controller
3. pinklemonadeboutique
4. The Purse Project

I've downloaded some free Amy Butler's sewing patterns as well. Going to try my hands on the simple sewing soon. I wanted to use the sewing machine so much but this 2 days prove to be too tiring for me as we were out for shopping. Today, attended an ex-colleague's wedding lunch. TIRING!!

leaving you now with the good reads of the blogs and also the cute little Seth as of this weekend.
seth handsome boy?

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