Sew this is it

Act on impulse? Hee... Maybe but when I got the sewing machine, all I can think of is how to utilize it. Bought it yesterday. Today, I went for the free lesson, impromptu. So, this is what I have done during the supposedly 2 hours class (I was there half an hour late, impromptu mah!) Thank God, someone cancelled her lesson appointment and I manage to take her seat. I enjoyed the lesson and amaze that the sewing machine can do so many stitches easily. However, need to practice more as I am still very beginner in sewing.

cushion cover Front Cover -- Quilting stitch used close up Close up of the quilt stitch back cover Back Cover-- Buttons and buttonhole are sewed on using the sewing machine bighead needle pouch This is a hanging pouch I did for pinning the BIGhead needles... Did this at home using my newly acquired gadget! =)

So all of the above creations completed courtesy of

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