Therapeutic scrapbooking….

gift tag-baby I just need a break from occupying my mind with too much of what's outstanding in my full time job. Deadlines, and more deadlines to meet. I would not want my time (esp the weekend) to be so full of work thoughts. Desperately needed a break from thinking. It's a blessing that I've got my hobby to rely on. Scrapbooking since Jan 2006, I've been on and off doing LOs, albums, cards, altered items. However, it seems that this period of time, I just want to scrap as much as possible. Why, I find it therapeutic to scrap. When I scrap, I am fully into the process, mix and matching, adding embellishment, thinking what to journal... I enjoy the process and the outcome of it, always make my adrenaline rush and the sense of satisfaction in completing a project, great! I never thought I would be in a hobby that's keeping me so enthusiastic, in terms of creativity process (not that I am that creative!), in terms of shopping (for scrap supply). I do enjoy my own creations, be it that they may not be as outstanding as compared to other scrappers, but I love the way I document the story, the picture/s which is going to be a keepsakes for generations to come. Doing the altered item that would be a gift that's filled with lots of "sweat" and great effort. Of course in hope that the gift is much appreciated. Thank God, for the hobby. =) I pray to continue it as long as I can, and be more inspired and create much more for my family.