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wonder why d choc indulgence?

wonder why d choc indulgence

Just wanna scrap something about Seth. This is one of the milestone he is in now, or will it be forever? Scrap about his love for all things edible chocolate! Used: Sassassfrass Lass PP, WRMK Alpha Chipboards, MM Chipboard Buttons & Foam Stamps, 7G's 97% certifiable stamp.

He is a fast learner

Seth looking out the car's window, watching cars zoom by Seth: stupid.... stupid...

Seth: Mummy, mummy, stupid cars, stupid cars......

Mummy: *SHOCKed*

Daddy: Mummy, say more of that and he learns.......

Mummy: *ashamed-looking* but laughing out loud!

Chronology read

starbucks bf staring....This was taken last Sunday (8th July), when we went to @ central, besides Merchant Court Hotel. Seth's 1st breakfast at Starbucks. For Daddy and Mummy just love the hot mocha at Starbucks. He had a great time, seating on the comfy chair, staring at the goings out side, telling me, "taxi, bus, cars, motobikes...." He almost ate 2/3 of the chocolate eclair I've bought him, with part of my cinamon raisin bagel. Nothing much to shop around at Central that morning, though 11am, shops were still closed. I feel that it's more of a congregation of shops that you can find in Far East Plaza, more suited for teenagers. We were waiting for time to past before heading for my ex-colleague's wedding lunch at Peninsular Hotel.

Seth took his pneumoccocal jab at Kid's Clinic that afternoon. After his immunisation jab, he has not had injection since 1.5 years old. We were a tad worry that he will cry out and of course, heart pain to see him go through jabs. He was in a happy mood that day, when Olive Tree alighted us at the junction, Seth walked by himself towards the clinic and wanted to open the door. He knows he is visiting Dr. Lilian, as I have prep him before the night before. The wait at the clinic wasn't long this time round compared to the previous visits, probably we had the 1st appointment after lunch hours. Normally, the clinic is jammed packed and we have to wait for at least 2 hours (without appointment. We had his right eyelid checked by Dr. Lilian, and confirmed that he has a "bak-zharm" which is not too serious. We need to apply ointment on his eyelid so to bring down the swell. Time for jab, Olive Tree carried Seth on his right shoulder, while I took out the camera to distract him. Dr. Lilian, jabbed Seth at his buttocks, and Seth uttered" PAIN PAIN" and that was it??! (**,) We were glad it was swift and fast. He did not cry. Brave boy....hahaha...

Seth's weight as of today: 10.5kg, height: 84cm

The aftermath of it, he will say his backside pain pain, and I told him, "no pain, Jesus took away the pain!". He's such a darling. We had our lunch at compasspoint and thereafter head home after buying some groceries to cook for dinner.

A day that we had a purpose. To go and buy my sewing needs and head to Takashimaya and shop for the kids' stuffs. End up, I've bought a few T-shirts from Benetton for Seth, and a bodysuit for RuiEn., some tops and bottoms from LifeBaby as well for both of them. Can imagine how much I've spent, though all of these are bought at sales price. We went to Vivocity in the late afternoon and had dinner at Dian-Xiao-Er. It's always great to have good view seats where you overlook the sea and have dinner. That also kinda of distract Seth's from wanting to romp about during dinner. He had a good appetite that night. He had a good POOP thereafter as well. Probably after the jab, the poop are a bit watery. EEEWWEE... Olive Tree clean him up in the men's toilet when the nursery room is just 3m further down from the toilet. Aiyo, that's a kancheong daddy who can't wait to get his kid out of the poop. Even I can't help in time...

Seth learnt a new word that day,
His uncle, (gu-gu) was telling him, " you go to ADIDAS boutique and say, "ADIDAS" and they will give you free gift! (**-)
Seth said it with such a funny tone it really made us laugh out loud.

We went to Clara's place today. Just a gathering with a hopeful crop. =) I manage only a small page of Seth's mini album! hahahah... but the enjoyment was to spend time with fella scrappers friends. =p Seth had a good time playing and did not sleep throughout the day. So after we left for his grandparents' place, he knocked out in his car seat. He was a bit grumpy when he reached the place. As usual.

At this stage of my pregnancy, my tummy looks like a big balloon! As if to pop anytime. With the regular BH and all, it gets a tad too uncomfortable to sit for long. When I go to bed at night, it's so difficult to get to sleep in the beginning when it seems that RuiEn is stretching to the ultimate! Itch and all on my stretch skin makes my mood worse! No amount of cream helps to moisture.... So what I do, scratch a bit to ease the itch, and then try to find the right position (which is not easy to toss about) to sleep. If I can sleep, it's Jesus's blessings!) Now, tiredness encompasses me when I wakes up in wee hours, like now, feeling hungry. Having to work in the day, challenging... I wished I can go on leave soon but I can't since my colleague has tendered his resignation and tonnes of things that need to be settled before I end up in the delivery suite. Each day, I count my blessings and also ask God for endurance, to make it through. Hope my EDD date comes soon.....

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First Pillow Case Sewed

seth's pillow case A simple pillow case done for Seth's mini pillow. I like this turquoise pink polka dot fabric, which I've bought from Spotlight. 🙂 Am pretty please with the outcome of the case, just fitting for the pillow Seth's holding.

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Life isn’t about a bed of roses

roseIt's a about enjoying the simpler pleasure of life, to enjoy the moments, even how insignificant it may be. Eg, holding the little hands of Seth, eating bread in the car with Olive Tree and Seth, strolling Seth up and down escalators, tilting him downwards, having addictive hobbies!

Oh and so the new hobby starts from the purchase of a sewing machine. No, I would not want it to be 3 mins kind of passion but a long long one, just like why I love scrapbooking! Yupz, the hobbies I have needs investment but prudence, prudence in spending...

Over the weekend, here's my loot from the local stores.


I so love the turquoise polka-dot, (fetish for turquoise colors lately). The very 1st fabric in big floral prints,.... they are thick cotton, thinking of using them to do mini bags or pouch as a first try before I invest in better fabric, (esp from the States), I so love the recent findings on the net and can't help but to share with you. Amy Butler Design, flappergirlfabrics, ebay Store-La Chakra.

Blogs that I find are interesting reads on Sewing, especially bags!
1. u-handbag
2. creative controller
3. pinklemonadeboutique
4. The Purse Project

I've downloaded some free Amy Butler's sewing patterns as well. Going to try my hands on the simple sewing soon. I wanted to use the sewing machine so much but this 2 days prove to be too tiring for me as we were out for shopping. Today, attended an ex-colleague's wedding lunch. TIRING!!

leaving you now with the good reads of the blogs and also the cute little Seth as of this weekend.
seth handsome boy?

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Did this for {Create} Make It Happen! July challenge. Have been giving some thoughts on the title and how the layout should come up. This is a first attempt on 6X12" currently like so hype in m4m SB Gang. Used: Tinkering Ink-PP and Finery, Scenic Route PP, HS letters and flowers, 7G 97% stickers and gaffer, stamp from Technique Tuesday. TFL!

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Sew this is it

Act on impulse? Hee... Maybe but when I got the sewing machine, all I can think of is how to utilize it. Bought it yesterday. Today, I went for the free lesson, impromptu. So, this is what I have done during the supposedly 2 hours class (I was there half an hour late, impromptu mah!) Thank God, someone cancelled her lesson appointment and I manage to take her seat. I enjoyed the lesson and amaze that the sewing machine can do so many stitches easily. However, need to practice more as I am still very beginner in sewing.

cushion cover Front Cover -- Quilting stitch used close up Close up of the quilt stitch back cover Back Cover-- Buttons and buttonhole are sewed on using the sewing machine bighead needle pouch This is a hanging pouch I did for pinning the BIGhead needles... Did this at home using my newly acquired gadget! =)

So all of the above creations completed courtesy of

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Therapeutic scrapbooking….

gift tag-baby I just need a break from occupying my mind with too much of what's outstanding in my full time job. Deadlines, and more deadlines to meet. I would not want my time (esp the weekend) to be so full of work thoughts. Desperately needed a break from thinking. It's a blessing that I've got my hobby to rely on. Scrapbooking since Jan 2006, I've been on and off doing LOs, albums, cards, altered items. However, it seems that this period of time, I just want to scrap as much as possible. Why, I find it therapeutic to scrap. When I scrap, I am fully into the process, mix and matching, adding embellishment, thinking what to journal... I enjoy the process and the outcome of it, always make my adrenaline rush and the sense of satisfaction in completing a project, great! I never thought I would be in a hobby that's keeping me so enthusiastic, in terms of creativity process (not that I am that creative!), in terms of shopping (for scrap supply). I do enjoy my own creations, be it that they may not be as outstanding as compared to other scrappers, but I love the way I document the story, the picture/s which is going to be a keepsakes for generations to come. Doing the altered item that would be a gift that's filled with lots of "sweat" and great effort. Of course in hope that the gift is much appreciated. Thank God, for the hobby. =) I pray to continue it as long as I can, and be more inspired and create much more for my family.