Going gaga over this phone, with all the fabulous features (iPod, iPod Video, Internet, Phone functionality, all in it) Mr Jobs have put into it, I can't wait for it to launch. Alas! The States are only launching it US Time 6pm, 29/06/07. So for Singapore die-hard fans, wait long long... till next year? In hope the stock don't run out as well! If you have 20 minutes, you should see this video introduction to this gorgeous phone! Ok there's a catch, in order for the phone to work with my PB, I need to have OS X 10.10 or later!?!!? and what is my PB running on now?? 10.4.2???? Darn!So should I get a new macbook pro? CRAZY!! I am still the gadget freak! HELP!!!!!

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