Celebrate 2 years of milestone

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We had a mini family party to celebrate Seth's 2nd Birthday. We deco the house with CARS balloons and banners. Thanks to AM for the wonderful and delicious cupcakes. 🙂 Besides the cupcakes, Seth got a ice cream cake made from Swensen's. Nothing but CARS! Aiyo, he is going crazy over cars... (**,) He had a wonderful time and did not nap at all for the whole day! So, by the end of the day, he has super cranky that's a handful for us to handle. I caught his flu bug. Came down with sore throat and running nose, during his birthday party, gosh, aching body and had fever again!!!! {*DRAT*} spoiling the mood but I tried to stay up to entertain my bro's buddy and wife but the body succumbed to the pain and I had to rest.... feel so pai sei. My dear bro only arrived with the kids at 4plus! Blessed that we did not wait up for him to cut the cake manz. Dad and Mom, Jon and Marg, Lawson and Catherine were waiting till the necks are so long already! My family left at 10pm in the night and Ed cleaned up. Seth still refused to sleep despite being tired and we have to "forced" him to bed. 🙁 Hoping he slept throughout but end up, he wakes up in intervals probably due to too much play. I did not sleep much at all, tiring but unable to sleep well. Sunday was spent resting. We had planned to go to Ed's parents' place but I am too tired and got a diarrhea attack, coupled with flu and bad cough. OH MANZ! I am super weak lar... I feel lethargic, wanting to work but the mood is so drag. How how how...... if to take MC again, I probably get the cuttlefish treatment liao. I wish the week passed fast, I am still in the lull period and preventing myself to go into any pre-natal depression........

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