It is only now that I can totally empathized with the preggy ladies who suffer from constant legs cramps. Just this week, I've got 3 to 4 attacks and the pain is totally URRRGGH!!! Last night I've got the attack on my left leg, and this morning, I've got the attack on my right!!! It's so irritable. Therefore, for the whole day, the muscles ache bad, suffering from giddy spell as well, so once again, I am on medical leave. HIAZ.

about seth

This little boy of mine, has becomes pretty quarrelsome lately. Whenever, you tell him off about an undesirable action that he does, he will use his finger and point at you, mumble and mumble away, imitating the one who is scolding him. *shake head* He learnt how to say, "oh my GOD!" when he "accidentally" drop things (ya, on purpose kind) The talkative him is fun, and the words he picks up and speaks right away fluently amaze me at times . But the more he learns, especially the not so nice words, always got us a bit worried. hee... little boy is cranky now, got to get him to sleep first.

Rythm In Me
Seth at Rhythm in Me Trial Class on 23th May 2007

faces of seth
That's our boy

shopping basket
His canned food collection. From ELC

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