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journey towards 2

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I am so glad that I managed to complete this 2 page LO for Seth's 2 years old birthday. It's challenging indeed to complete the 2 page LO. I guess I can only do it once a year cause my brain juice drain out so fast just thinking how to do placement of them and organising the embellishment. I've used : Basic Grey Blush Collection, Scenic Route Paper Co.PPs. Hambly Studios Screen Prints, My Mind's Eye Tags, Alpha.

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Going gaga over this phone, with all the fabulous features (iPod, iPod Video, Internet, Phone functionality, all in it) Mr Jobs have put into it, I can't wait for it to launch. Alas! The States are only launching it US Time 6pm, 29/06/07. So for Singapore die-hard fans, wait long long... till next year? In hope the stock don't run out as well! If you have 20 minutes, you should see this video introduction to this gorgeous phone! Ok there's a catch, in order for the phone to work with my PB, I need to have OS X 10.10 or later!?!!? and what is my PB running on now?? 10.4.2???? Darn!So should I get a new macbook pro? CRAZY!! I am still the gadget freak! HELP!!!!!

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Tiredness coupled with diahhrea in wee hours!

How frustrating? I did not sleep much yesterday with all the "you know what" tots. So when I came home, I am dead-beat. Went to bed at 10pm, with Seth being such a darling when I said I wanna sleep in the other room by myself, he actually said bye to me and followed his daddy back to the master-bedroom. I manage to drift off quite quickly. However, woke up at 2 plus, disturbed by the bad tummyaches! I think to myself "WHAT AGAIN!!" SICK AGAIN!" Then went to the toilet to do the biz, and somewhat rest is being disturbed. Thereafter, went to the scraproom and surf online. Lately, have been having this annoying hearing issue on my left ear. Keep hearing my own heartbeat thumping thumping and kinda irritating. After the block nose block ear, this happened. Hope it goes away soon. 10 more weeks, 10 more weeks to go. I am really not intolerable of the pregnancy process but guess it's towards the job I am doing. I just can't wait to get out and go on to have my maternity leave. Sorry to be so selfish but I feel I need to break away from all this to rest my mind and re-focus. About Seth, and now that he turned 2 years old, he starts to display "toddlehood" which can be quite trying to us in terms of our patience. Just this evening, we got home, he was playing with his cars which are housed in the toolbox Olive Tree got for him. He takes everything out, then throw them back in and poured them out onto the coffee table (which is glass top) making loads of noise. repetitively, will you get annoyed!? So as usual, got reprimanded and sorry that I am a threatening mom, I sternly told him to stop otherwise the toys will be confiscated. *shake head* and thank God, he did stop. I do give thanks as well for a disciplinary figure (my bro, Jon) whom Seth's afraid of. Whenever Seth is up to some mischief and Jon is around to spot his mischief, immediately, Seth would be so tamed and not try anything funny. I should say that Seth is not a difficult child to handle and is more gentle compared to the peers I've seen. I would genuinely praise him for the good he does and he's really happy about it. About RuiEn, Now that she's 30 weeks, she kinda have limited movement in my womb. I must say she's having loads of activities in my womb and some of them really startled me as I never experience the same when I am carrying Seth. The feeling is a mixture of happiness and apprehension as I am not sure how come she can kick so hard, or have such constant shudders in my womb. See, mommy me worry that I may have sat in a position which is uncomfortable for her. Thinking to myself, I have not been fervently praying for the pregnancy and for RuiEn's growth in me which I feel I've neglected her. Of course, I know God's love and protection stretches out to RuiEn and the family but I need to also confess and come into agreement in prayers for the good things and grace God has given us. I feel ashamed. =( I know it's silly to be so but all I want is to have a smoother pregnancy and have the supernatural childbirth of RuiEn who is healthy and pretty. I do have great concern of the pregnancy period that I am in, I am not so cheerful and worry too much. So somehow, it affects RuiEn's development. I don't know how to shake away the bad thoughts but only through prayers which calms me down. I will tell myself, Jesus's love all the little children and he'll provide the best for them. So much more for RuiEn. With the comforting prayers, I will be at peace. I should tell myself not to let the devil steal the good thoughts and be rooted to God's words which doeth much more for us.

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rough patch

rough patch

tell me I am crazy but just can't switch off my mind and not think about anything. How to sleep?? It's getting bad. I think way too much about work, about when is it the EDD of RuiEn about so many things... Gosh!
Yes, its indeed a rough period for me. So, just to remind myself what I've gone through, this LO is created.
Now I can try to get some rest, hopefully.

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101% dad- A father’s day album

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608017769 30E5B30Cdd608216410 855Eb98Dca click on thumbnails to view larger image.

It's a very inspired album that I've done for dh. Why? The night when I was arguing with him on Seth's tantrums, he spite me so hard that I was thinking about him as a dad. The more I think about dh, I feel such the urge to pen down what he has done for us. Thus the creation of the album even to the extend of not sleeping in the night! Despite small arguments, and things that we may not always see eye to eye, he does put in 101% of his effort, time and love to care for us. He is amazing in our eyes. We love him loads. TFL!

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On 21st June 2007

Seth in his 2 yr old morning
Morning look -- Seth's 2nd birthday

cars bday deco
We decorated the house with Cars birthday deco. He really likes them

Seth with Gugu
Seth and his Gugu having McD Breakfast. So deep into discussion, aren't they?

Seth with Daddy
Seth and Daddy at Country Manna, for dinner.

family pic
Happy 2nd Birthday, our little Prince. We love you so much!!! Hope you had a great day today!

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tis a season to celebrate


close up

In such a scrapping mood, probably also due to the bad cough and flu, I can't sleep well at night. So the nights are occupied by scrapbooking ideas and all. Geez... Half completed this LO some where in May but don't know how to embellish the photo. So, finally pulled all my thoughts, and completed it. Made myself happy and contented. If this is my daily job, how great will it be? Just scrap all the way!! (Yes, I wish.... )

USED: Fancy Pants & BG PPs, Upsy Daisy Designs Alpha Stamps, MM Epoxy Stickers, 7G hardwarez, Q&C Big Brad.

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Mini album for Yixuan

Yixuan album with ribbon

click on the thumbnails, to view larger image.

Lately, I've been so girly, keep thinking of PINK PINK PINK, probably the pregnancy hormones at it's work. 🙂 Here's a mini album I've done for my little niece (dh's side) who is about 6 months now. It's really funny that I did this for her as a gift in a goodie bag, which I gave out to all our nephews and nieces to celebrate Seth's 2nd Birthday. Anyway, it's my thoughts that counts, isn't it? Hope the parents like this mini album (size : 4"X4").

Celebrate 2 years of milestone

cupcakescars and cupcakes
family picmini buffet

We had a mini family party to celebrate Seth's 2nd Birthday. We deco the house with CARS balloons and banners. Thanks to AM for the wonderful and delicious cupcakes. 🙂 Besides the cupcakes, Seth got a ice cream cake made from Swensen's. Nothing but CARS! Aiyo, he is going crazy over cars... (**,) He had a wonderful time and did not nap at all for the whole day! So, by the end of the day, he has super cranky that's a handful for us to handle. I caught his flu bug. Came down with sore throat and running nose, during his birthday party, gosh, aching body and had fever again!!!! {*DRAT*} spoiling the mood but I tried to stay up to entertain my bro's buddy and wife but the body succumbed to the pain and I had to rest.... feel so pai sei. My dear bro only arrived with the kids at 4plus! Blessed that we did not wait up for him to cut the cake manz. Dad and Mom, Jon and Marg, Lawson and Catherine were waiting till the necks are so long already! My family left at 10pm in the night and Ed cleaned up. Seth still refused to sleep despite being tired and we have to "forced" him to bed. 🙁 Hoping he slept throughout but end up, he wakes up in intervals probably due to too much play. I did not sleep much at all, tiring but unable to sleep well. Sunday was spent resting. We had planned to go to Ed's parents' place but I am too tired and got a diarrhea attack, coupled with flu and bad cough. OH MANZ! I am super weak lar... I feel lethargic, wanting to work but the mood is so drag. How how how...... if to take MC again, I probably get the cuttlefish treatment liao. I wish the week passed fast, I am still in the lull period and preventing myself to go into any pre-natal depression........

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Olive Tree so wanting to watch this movie. He was with expectancy since end May, when he saw the advert on BK pamphlets etc. Even to the extend he said there was a documentary of The Making of Transformers. Aiyo....
But I am also anticipating that this is going to be a good movie as well, though may not be very suitable for kids to watch. Any films of Steven Spielberg should not be any disappointment.

Here's the Movie Website (fabulously done, I feel!) I think the soundtrack is pretty good as well. Don't forget to check out the media to watch the trailer.

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