top of the M

nite scene from Top of the M

Captured on the night when we had our very first dining experience at Top of the M. The occasion: celebrate Jon's Birthday. It's Seth very first experience, but obviously to him, it's just like any kind of dinner. As for me, I've to wait for 3 decades to be able to have such an experience! bwhaahhaha....what a funny thought. The restaurant has such a quiet ambience and at certain times, Seth was bubbling so loudly that we were so embarrassed. The waiters and waitresses were so nice to come over and play with Seth. One even offered chocolate truffles filled with mint ice cream for Seth! Too bad, my darling son don't know how to appreciate and those went into our tummies instead. (**,)
happy seth
You can see he enjoyed himself loads. Playing and being entertained. He was even entertained by the live strings group (or whatever you call that) with "You are my sunshine" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars". That amazed him! We had a dinner set for 4 of us. Seth simply enjoyed the onion soup (how luxury is it, as the onion soup cost SGD28 if to order by itself!) He practically chomped the bread which was served. Fine dining indeed and the food served does meet the reputation of the restaurant. (thumbs-up) I managed a photo of the dessert, ice cream sorbet (yummy) with fruits in wafer basket.

dessert birthday cake

After the dessert, we almost blow our tummies. ("o) By the time we completed our dinner course, we almost complete one revolution of the restaurant. Seth was pretty up-tied and kept pestering us to bring him around. He just want to climb up the spiral stairs... (faint). How can a celebration of birthday be complete without a birthday cake? We wanted to sing birthday song, but the old bro of mine, refuse. hee... pai sei. So it was just simply candles blowing, a minute of secret wishes and cake cutting. Somehow, we managed to stomach a slice (small slice) of cake each despite the sumptuous dinner. It was definitely a night to remember with lots of laughters and enjoyment. Thanks to Marg for inviting us.

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