a simple meal

We have been cracking our brains what to eat for Mother's Day dinner. So, on Friday night, out with Jon and Marg for dinner at Quality Hotel porridge buffet, I spontaneously suggested to cook for our mom. They were game about it and so we planned the pot luck session.

Early morning on Saturday, Olive Tree and I woke up at 5am to go to the Fishery Port to get the freshest catch, hoping to get pomfret, prawns and crabs. However, we reached there a tad bit late as most of the good stuffs were wholesaled out and we manage to purchase only the pomfret which was a good buy at S$25.00 for 2 big and fresh fish. Thereafter, we went to Chong Pang market for more marketing, got the crabs and prawns there. Talking about prawns, we had a bad experience with one stall at the Fishery Port. We came across this fella, at mid 30s, who seems to have quite a fair bit of prawns left. So I asked him, "How much are you selling for 1kg of prawns?" He said, "S$15.00". I asked Olive Tree how much we want to get, so I replied back to the fishmonger, "how about half a kg?" He shot me a look, condescendingly answered me, "HALF KG?" You go next door that guy and buy from him lar...half kg... minimum you have to buy 3KG!!" Then he turned to one of the fellow fishmonger and mocked at me..... I was darn pissed about it. Com' on, it's not that he is selling me cheap or anything and he still say I have to buy 3KG at least!!?? Crap manz! I should have told him this, "Hey! You always sell fish, maybe should take a break, after work, go out and get a kite to fly!!!!" Olive Tree said we just leave and go to Chong Pang Market to get the prawns.

At the market, we checked out the prawns, which is exactly the same type, and asked the auntie, she quoted us the same price!!! I just gladly buy from her 1KG! The fish we bought were of a bargain, compared to the market. It was some experience to have gone to the Fishery Port and check out the catches, but if you are the kind who can't take fishy smell, better not venture else u might get all fishy when you leave the place! hahaha! We went home, Olive Tree did the de-intestines work for the fish and here what we have to share... (",)


While Olive Tree is doing that, this is what Seth's busy about.....

Seth's style

Isn't that funny!?

We went to mom's place for lunch and head to TVC open house where I got some SB stuffs. Thereafter, home to cook the dishes. It was meant to be a surprise for my mom and I asked dad to join us as well since he isn't working now. Jack was to picked them up and send them to Jon's place for dinner. So by 7.45pm, we had the dinner ready on the table......

dishes of love

Jon did the cereal buttered prawns, while Olive Tree cooked the black pepper prawns and fried the beancurds stuffed with mincede port, fishballs and fish cakes. I did the Coke Pork Ribs and fried broccoli with capsicums and carrots. Fish was steamed (least effort!) by Jack (If he really did it!) Fried Chicken was by Marg. Mom's curry was on the table.... (which was cooked in the day). There we have a sumptuous meal with total ingredients value of not more that S$105! haha! Effort is : Priceless!

dad and mom

There's our parents eating at the table. Hope they love the food we prepared. (",)

It was tiring but fulfilling to have cooked for the family. Especially to Olive Tree, who never fancy fish, especially can't take the fishy smell, accompanied me to the fishery port and de-intestines the fish! Love you heaps!

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