handling the tantrums…

Part 2. Oh manz, it's really not easy to keep your cool with a coming to 2 year old throwing his tantrums. Seth is at it again.... He was whiny and really difficult especially during bed-time. Before Labor Day, he would cry till his eyes were so swollen and all mucus running on the face. Regardless of how we try to carry, sway, or whatever. Takes his time to cool off. This few days were much better with him in his happy mood. Especially after the Labor Day crop, he was more smooth tempered. He had a fun day playing with the Jie Jies and Aunties... 🙂 Here are some pics from the crop.

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Thanks, gals for coming by and I had fun and enjoyed the time we spent together. Especially to bring back the mojo to scrap! 😀 Completing my album for I AM, Woman soon... will post later. Small Talk: Here's a hilarious video on kiddy talk... Enjoy! Will Farrell's The LandLord Video