Seth @ Marina Fishing PongSeth was really in his very first flow of tantrums throwing today. He wakes up at 8am and Olive Tree brought him to my mom's while I stayed home to do my work. On the way, Olive Tree called me and told me that Seth refused to go to my mom's and started to whine and cried from CTE exit Ave 5 till they reached my mom's place. Even my mom called me and commented that Seth was in his moods and disallow her to close the main door but to leave it open as if to expect us to pick him up. ("o) We have no idea why such behavior of him. So I said I will try to come over once I manage to complete my work. However, he went through the day ok and by the time I finished my work from home, it was already 3plus. I went to meet AM for tea and my lunch at amk hub. Reaching my mom's around 6pm. Seth was ok. However, during dinner time, he was super sticky to Olive Tree. Refused to get down and wanted to sit on his lap while Olive Tree ate dinner. So his tantrums throwing starts from there again. One moment, "want to go McDonalds", next, cling onto my 2nd sil while she's having dinner. He was such even when we left my mom's. At home, he asked his daddy for this and that but not wanting to signal what he really wants. After my shower, he wants me to take something. Again, not able to tell me what he wanted. He continue behave so whiny till bedtime, crying in between, gave him this and he said "no", pass him that, he pushed it away. AIYO! Made us so helpless manz! It was trying indeed for us. End up, I told Olive Tree to just let him be, as Seth is also pretty tired from all these, I pat him while he was sitting on the bed and he laid down after awhile from crying. Thank God, my prayers are answered. Seth dozed off pretty fast. Not attributing to him napping less today, in fact, he slept till 4plus to 5pm which is his norm. I prayed that it's not the terrible 2 coming and Seth will not be showing too much tantrums. But guess toddlers have their mood swings as well, like adults