@ 20 weeks 2 days

20th April, Friday, was our appointment for detailed scan at TMC. We were expecting a longer than usual U/S Scan to get measurements of our baby. When we were inside the room, the radiologist get set to take all measurements and then she said, "Hmmm, it's a female". Both Olive Tree and I thought we heard wrongly, maybe she had uttered, "do you prefer a female?" or something like that. I told the radiologist that previous U/S by our gynae, I saw there was a Penis and maybe a scrotum. She said she will do the scan to confirm again after all the measurements are done.

RuiEn @ 20 weeks

Ok, so the conclusion came after 20 minutes, and she explained to us how come the genitalia was determined as female. She had seen 3 lines (depicts_ labia) So can't be wrong. If it's wrong, then must tell Gynae to let her know.hahaha... Can you imagine how I felt!? Especially when I got the confirmation? Olive Tree were smiling and trying to contain...the joy. Me? I was thinkg, "Oh manz! I've bought some baby clothes which are pretty boyish." Next I was thinking, "Oh No! I got to spend more as baby's a Princess!!!" ("o) Indeed overjoy on the news we received. More importantly to us, all measurements taken and shows our baby is healthy and fine. Olive Tree has already got a name for her. She'll be called Wu Rui4 En1, ???.