Malacca here we come! Update of Good Friday Trip 1

Morning Tim Sum @ Kluang

Nap Time
Car Trip Napping... Look at the lashes, wish I have those length

look of longing
Are we there yet??

Hotel Orkid
Interesting Signboard. Kind of like asking, Hotel Or Kid?

Choice Shop
If you need to make choices in life, don't forget to drop by Choice Shop, may you make your right choice there! (",)

Finally, our destination. about 1.5 hours drive from Kluang.

Streets filled with Chicken Rice Ball Restaurants. This is one of them.

For the Pocket Conscience, choose this one from the first restaurant.

We end up going to this Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant. Why? Because there was such a long queue. haha! SIL said they served better food compared to the previous we saw.

on the table
These were what we have ordered. Spread of chicken and rice...balls.... The balls were light fish balls size, with melt in your mouth feeling. Alas! It lacks of ginger taste.

on the plate
Up close and personal. VERDICT : The ball is ok, Chicken too rubbery, Vegetables were nice.