Seth’s Nemo

Sad about NemoSeth started his running nose this afternoon, my brother Jon was babysitting him as mom went to Johor. It was pretty exaggerating when Jon smsed me that he has been cleaning Seth's nose so frequent that he never use so much tissue ever since staying in his new home....hiaz. When Olive Tree and I went to pick him, poor boy, he does have trickling of mucus and eyes were watery. He did not manage to nap in the day and was really tired. We went to the PD and got him the running nose medication, head for dinner @ Jln Kayu. Just coincidentally, that there was a marine fish shop so Olive Tree checked out if they have clown fish, since Seth has been wanting to get a NEMO. Seth was all perky and excited about the new pet Olive Tree got him and also, we got a Tomato Clown Fish to accompany his NEMO. So this was what happened when we got home.