Good Friday-Short Trip

Since a long weekend, we decided to take a short trip up to Malacca and Kluang (Marg's hometown) Just feel like getting out of SG and have a break. We left SG during lunch time on April 6 in Jon's car. Since half a day has gone, we went to Kluang first, checked into the hotel and relax ourselves. This will be a 2nd trip for Seth and me, whereas Ed has not been to Kluang before. It's a small little town of probably 240 thousand population. It's in the middle of Johor. Kluang is quite like SG in the 1970s, still not very developed. We stayed in the tallest hotel/building of Kluang, which is 14th Storey high. Here's a little read up of Kluang if you are keen to know more.

Taken from the Hotel's View

Gunaung Lambak
Morning view of Gunaung Lambak

Seth's Morning in Kluang
Snippets of Seth in the morning...lazy day....

Road Trip to Malacca
In the car, rod trip to Malacca, isn't that uncle looking?

Okie, need to rest my PB and also my tired mind...hee...will update with more photoes of our trip and happenings. May the week be wonderful for you and me....

After thought from the trip:
Did not think much about taking up part time with the co. as boss have asked to consider. However, after seeing certain things and talking, reading from friend's and sil's advice, I have come to terms that I view my family as utmost priority. The well-being of Seth and his baby brother are my most concern and I believe that no amount of money can take away the precious time, I am going to spend with them, nurturing them.