Long Time No See-Hear

Yes, neglected the updates of Seth, what's going around at home, at work. Quite a fair bit has happened. Close friends would have known and I really thank God for faithful friends and sisters whom comforted and encouraged me during the time of trial.

The episode starts off when I start falling sick frequently, worse came after March 18th, when I had a period of high Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket for a week! That's terrible, felt aching, fever just simply to go away and not well to assume anything. Being out of office for a week proved to be disastrous I guess. Till date, I still have 322 mails not read in my mailbox! HA!

The body has taken a toll, mentally, i am weak. Got to admit it, maybe the stress at work wasn't for me. I went back last week to complete outstanding tasks, (too many!!!!) and also trying to cope with so much requests from customers, traveling around, delivering documents. But I wasn't well yet, had diarrhea and vomit so nightly since last Wed till Friday. Boss, was picking on small little things which I wonder why. Somehow, I am walking towards depression. Cried and cried. Feel incompetent, once again. Blaming this and that.

After discussion with Olive Tree, I've decided to quit the job for now, and rest. Physically and Mentally, I need the rest. Baby no. 2 is my utmost concern as I have not been well and on medication for quite a period. Praise God that every scan shows that he is active and bouncy, with cute actions. Can see his facial pretty clearly as well. Hope he has nose like daddy. Anyway, I've tendered resignation on 2nd April. Boss talked to me for an hour or so. Gave me option to work part-time under his charge. After consideration and discussion with family and friends, felt that the part time may not be good even as I may be loaded with full-time workload and get half paid, same stress. Meanwhile, I am seeking for freelance work if any, on Autocad drawings. So, if you happened to know anyone that need such a service, do rope me in. THANKS!

So much about myself.

Seth is growing so well these days despite mommy's not able to teach him much. He is really talkative and also very playful, as usual for a boy. He imitates and parrot words that we said, and vocabulary increased. So he can goes, Umbrella, Darling Boy, Motorbike, etc..... too many to names. He's always the apple of the eye. Daddy dotes him to the core. For me, I am constantly reminding myself to be patient with him, though at times he did maddest thing to get me fuming! Just happened this evening when Ed went out to his aunt's funeral, Seth was playing with stools at the coffee table and toppled the cup of milk for him. I was soooooo angry!! He has asked for milk, and this boy, just love chocolate milk which is really sweet but I gave him fresh white milk tonight. So he was reluctant to drink it. and then go on to play. I smacked him on his hand and Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket him. He knew I was really angry. I cleared up the mess and didn't talk to him much except asking him to finish his milk.

Seth @ 21 monthsHe was playing and periodically peeping at me, to see if I am still angry. He tries to smiles, blink his eyes etc to make me smile but I refuse to. Hiaz. He tries so hard....poor boy... So no monkey business from him, he just sat at the sofa area watching TV.....

I off the TV at 11pm and walked to the room, he followed. Normally, he'll refuse to sleep and continue to be playful on bed. However, tonight, he was so OBEDIENT! He climbed onto bed after I off all the lights, he laid on the bed and went to sleep in less than 10 mins...... Aiyo, with him like this, how long can I be angry at him?? What a long update!! Sorry, for the long-windedness. as I am hungry and woke up to eat, need time to digest before I catch a nap again. So too much ink to spill on the blog....kekeke... Me going to Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket now.... Have a blessed long weekend. Hope I will manage to scrap something soon.