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Seth @ Marina Fishing PongSeth was really in his very first flow of tantrums throwing today. He wakes up at 8am and Olive Tree brought him to my mom's while I stayed home to do my work. On the way, Olive Tree called me and told me that Seth refused to go to my mom's and started to whine and cried from CTE exit Ave 5 till they reached my mom's place. Even my mom called me and commented that Seth was in his moods and disallow her to close the main door but to leave it open as if to expect us to pick him up. ("o) We have no idea why such behavior of him. So I said I will try to come over once I manage to complete my work. However, he went through the day ok and by the time I finished my work from home, it was already 3plus. I went to meet AM for tea and my lunch at amk hub. Reaching my mom's around 6pm. Seth was ok. However, during dinner time, he was super sticky to Olive Tree. Refused to get down and wanted to sit on his lap while Olive Tree ate dinner. So his tantrums throwing starts from there again. One moment, "want to go McDonalds", next, cling onto my 2nd sil while she's having dinner. He was such even when we left my mom's. At home, he asked his daddy for this and that but not wanting to signal what he really wants. After my shower, he wants me to take something. Again, not able to tell me what he wanted. He continue behave so whiny till bedtime, crying in between, gave him this and he said "no", pass him that, he pushed it away. AIYO! Made us so helpless manz! It was trying indeed for us. End up, I told Olive Tree to just let him be, as Seth is also pretty tired from all these, I pat him while he was sitting on the bed and he laid down after awhile from crying. Thank God, my prayers are answered. Seth dozed off pretty fast. Not attributing to him napping less today, in fact, he slept till 4plus to 5pm which is his norm. I prayed that it's not the terrible 2 coming and Seth will not be showing too much tantrums. But guess toddlers have their mood swings as well, like adults

Scrapblog updated

It has ages since I last posted any LO for my scrapblog. Totally neglected my fav hobby. Only hobby. Attribute that to the hormonal change in pregnancy! (",) Tiredness, mojoless, etc. This is one LO that I manage to do before I go into hibernation mode.

antz ride antzride-cup No excuse from me but this mess are there since December 06!

scrapmessrm-1 I want to do up the wall so much but lack of ideas and stuffs have been all over the place!


The good thing to bring back your mojo in scrapbooking, TO ATTEND A SCRAPBOOK CLASS!! (",) Indeed, I signed up, (as one of the mods in TSL can't attend and selling the early bird seat). So, I went, attended the Fun with Fontwerks Workshop organised by TVC. It was an enjoyable time as I get to catch up with scrappers whom have not met for ages also to see SB celebrity in class. Kah-mei Smith, Fontwerks's Owner and Principal Designer conducted the workshop. I've attended 2 workshop for the day, I, Woman and the other is the firm. Interesting workshops and teaching methods unlike what you've attended in SG's LSS. I like it in the sense I can do it at my own pace and not worry about not able to catch up etc. Here's what I've done at the workshops. I, Woman

I woman cover Nice Patchworks and I like the rub-ons quote. I woman inserts A couple of page I've done. Majority of the time in I, Woman workshop, we were trying out techniques and stuffs. so didn't really attempt on doing the pages up.

the firm

thefirm I was pretty productive for this workshop but totally drained after scrapping for a whole morning! hee...

the firm cup

Ok, here's leaving you with some photos taken at the workshop.

Kah-mei, Lina & Me


Agenda gal

AM in thoughts

You can view more of the photos right here. (more…)

@ 20 weeks 2 days

20th April, Friday, was our appointment for detailed scan at TMC. We were expecting a longer than usual U/S Scan to get measurements of our baby. When we were inside the room, the radiologist get set to take all measurements and then she said, "Hmmm, it's a female". Both Olive Tree and I thought we heard wrongly, maybe she had uttered, "do you prefer a female?" or something like that. I told the radiologist that previous U/S by our gynae, I saw there was a Penis and maybe a scrotum. She said she will do the scan to confirm again after all the measurements are done.

RuiEn @ 20 weeks

Ok, so the conclusion came after 20 minutes, and she explained to us how come the genitalia was determined as female. She had seen 3 lines (depicts_ labia) So can't be wrong. If it's wrong, then must tell Gynae to let her know.hahaha... Can you imagine how I felt!? Especially when I got the confirmation? Olive Tree were smiling and trying to contain...the joy. Me? I was thinkg, "Oh manz! I've bought some baby clothes which are pretty boyish." Next I was thinking, "Oh No! I got to spend more as baby's a Princess!!!" ("o) Indeed overjoy on the news we received. More importantly to us, all measurements taken and shows our baby is healthy and fine. Olive Tree has already got a name for her. She'll be called Wu Rui4 En1, ???.

Malacca here we come! Update of Good Friday Trip 1

Morning Tim Sum @ Kluang

Nap Time
Car Trip Napping... Look at the lashes, wish I have those length

look of longing
Are we there yet??

Hotel Orkid
Interesting Signboard. Kind of like asking, Hotel Or Kid?

Choice Shop
If you need to make choices in life, don't forget to drop by Choice Shop, may you make your right choice there! (",)

Finally, our destination. about 1.5 hours drive from Kluang.

Streets filled with Chicken Rice Ball Restaurants. This is one of them.

For the Pocket Conscience, choose this one from the first restaurant.

We end up going to this Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant. Why? Because there was such a long queue. haha! SIL said they served better food compared to the previous we saw.

on the table
These were what we have ordered. Spread of chicken and rice...balls.... The balls were light fish balls size, with melt in your mouth feeling. Alas! It lacks of ginger taste.

on the plate
Up close and personal. VERDICT : The ball is ok, Chicken too rubbery, Vegetables were nice.

Seth’s Nemo

Sad about NemoSeth started his running nose this afternoon, my brother Jon was babysitting him as mom went to Johor. It was pretty exaggerating when Jon smsed me that he has been cleaning Seth's nose so frequent that he never use so much tissue ever since staying in his new home....hiaz. When Olive Tree and I went to pick him, poor boy, he does have trickling of mucus and eyes were watery. He did not manage to nap in the day and was really tired. We went to the PD and got him the running nose medication, head for dinner @ Jln Kayu. Just coincidentally, that there was a marine fish shop so Olive Tree checked out if they have clown fish, since Seth has been wanting to get a NEMO. Seth was all perky and excited about the new pet Olive Tree got him and also, we got a Tomato Clown Fish to accompany his NEMO. So this was what happened when we got home.

Good Friday-Short Trip

Since a long weekend, we decided to take a short trip up to Malacca and Kluang (Marg's hometown) Just feel like getting out of SG and have a break. We left SG during lunch time on April 6 in Jon's car. Since half a day has gone, we went to Kluang first, checked into the hotel and relax ourselves. This will be a 2nd trip for Seth and me, whereas Ed has not been to Kluang before. It's a small little town of probably 240 thousand population. It's in the middle of Johor. Kluang is quite like SG in the 1970s, still not very developed. We stayed in the tallest hotel/building of Kluang, which is 14th Storey high. Here's a little read up of Kluang if you are keen to know more.

Taken from the Hotel's View

Gunaung Lambak
Morning view of Gunaung Lambak

Seth's Morning in Kluang
Snippets of Seth in the morning...lazy day....

Road Trip to Malacca
In the car, rod trip to Malacca, isn't that uncle looking?

Okie, need to rest my PB and also my tired mind...hee...will update with more photoes of our trip and happenings. May the week be wonderful for you and me....

After thought from the trip:
Did not think much about taking up part time with the co. as boss have asked to consider. However, after seeing certain things and talking, reading from friend's and sil's advice, I have come to terms that I view my family as utmost priority. The well-being of Seth and his baby brother are my most concern and I believe that no amount of money can take away the precious time, I am going to spend with them, nurturing them.

Psalms 103

Went to the Gynae's today to check on the spotting. Felt upset when I realise the spotting comes on Wednesday evening while I was working from my bro's place. As I was rushing to complete work. Anxiety filled my mind and I just can't help it. It's really a blessing to have friends around to comfort and I was shown with this Psalms Psalm 103 A Psalm of David. 1 Bless the LORD, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name! 2 Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits: 3 Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases, 4 Who redeems your life from destruction, Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies, 5 Who satisfies your mouth with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s Thanks to AM, who shared this verses with me. A verse that i know so well but have not be meditating and proclaiming. I went to the gynae to check out my spotting. Was administered with Gynafort to clear the inflammatory around the cervix. The placenta wasn't too low, and baby is doing well. He, once again, refuse to open up his legs to let daddy sees his genitals...hahahah..... Adrian was saying to Olive Tree, "daddy, better luck next time!" Next appointment will be April 20, that will be detail scan and also will take up hep a and b jab since I wasn't vaccinated. Seth was happy that we picked him up early at my mom's. He followed us to ACJ and was pretty obedient this time round, not running about too much and was shy with the people he sees. So unlike him...... We came home at around 7pm, ate dinner and I felt tired. Probably because I woke up at 4am in the morning. Oh ya, my boss talked to me again, on the consideration of converting to part time basis. It's really a tough decision to make. I know his good intention is, my health and family 1st. But he said if I were to work from home doing freelance stuffs, might as well do part time in the co. Then I still have income, assume a less stressful role. He did assure me that I should not be loaded with work that will put in into undue stress and also that i should not be carrying work home to do. I am flattered that he said if I were to resign, there will be a big gap in the team. However, I have my concern as well to continue to work in the co. Anyway, there will be another round of re-org so will have to see what our Director share with us on coming Monday and make a decision. I was given the choice to think about how I wanna take up the part time job. Either work half day throughout the week or to work 1,3,5. I told him, if possible, maybe work from Mon-Wed full day and rest on Thurs-Fri. Also, I will probably have a pay cut of 50%. Still very undecided. Hiaz, I feel I am such a procrastinator!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Olive Tree will asked me to decide myself, and will say he's supportive of what I do. Guess I have the whole long weekend to think about and give the answer again on Monday.

Long Time No See-Hear

Yes, neglected the updates of Seth, what's going around at home, at work. Quite a fair bit has happened. Close friends would have known and I really thank God for faithful friends and sisters whom comforted and encouraged me during the time of trial.

The episode starts off when I start falling sick frequently, worse came after March 18th, when I had a period of high Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket for a week! That's terrible, felt aching, fever just simply to go away and not well to assume anything. Being out of office for a week proved to be disastrous I guess. Till date, I still have 322 mails not read in my mailbox! HA!

The body has taken a toll, mentally, i am weak. Got to admit it, maybe the stress at work wasn't for me. I went back last week to complete outstanding tasks, (too many!!!!) and also trying to cope with so much requests from customers, traveling around, delivering documents. But I wasn't well yet, had diarrhea and vomit so nightly since last Wed till Friday. Boss, was picking on small little things which I wonder why. Somehow, I am walking towards depression. Cried and cried. Feel incompetent, once again. Blaming this and that.

After discussion with Olive Tree, I've decided to quit the job for now, and rest. Physically and Mentally, I need the rest. Baby no. 2 is my utmost concern as I have not been well and on medication for quite a period. Praise God that every scan shows that he is active and bouncy, with cute actions. Can see his facial pretty clearly as well. Hope he has nose like daddy. Anyway, I've tendered resignation on 2nd April. Boss talked to me for an hour or so. Gave me option to work part-time under his charge. After consideration and discussion with family and friends, felt that the part time may not be good even as I may be loaded with full-time workload and get half paid, same stress. Meanwhile, I am seeking for freelance work if any, on Autocad drawings. So, if you happened to know anyone that need such a service, do rope me in. THANKS!

So much about myself.

Seth is growing so well these days despite mommy's not able to teach him much. He is really talkative and also very playful, as usual for a boy. He imitates and parrot words that we said, and vocabulary increased. So he can goes, Umbrella, Darling Boy, Motorbike, etc..... too many to names. He's always the apple of the eye. Daddy dotes him to the core. For me, I am constantly reminding myself to be patient with him, though at times he did maddest thing to get me fuming! Just happened this evening when Ed went out to his aunt's funeral, Seth was playing with stools at the coffee table and toppled the cup of milk for him. I was soooooo angry!! He has asked for milk, and this boy, just love chocolate milk which is really sweet but I gave him fresh white milk tonight. So he was reluctant to drink it. and then go on to play. I smacked him on his hand and Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket him. He knew I was really angry. I cleared up the mess and didn't talk to him much except asking him to finish his milk.

Seth @ 21 monthsHe was playing and periodically peeping at me, to see if I am still angry. He tries to smiles, blink his eyes etc to make me smile but I refuse to. Hiaz. He tries so hard....poor boy... So no monkey business from him, he just sat at the sofa area watching TV.....

I off the TV at 11pm and walked to the room, he followed. Normally, he'll refuse to sleep and continue to be playful on bed. However, tonight, he was so OBEDIENT! He climbed onto bed after I off all the lights, he laid on the bed and went to sleep in less than 10 mins...... Aiyo, with him like this, how long can I be angry at him?? What a long update!! Sorry, for the long-windedness. as I am hungry and woke up to eat, need time to digest before I catch a nap again. So too much ink to spill on the blog....kekeke... Me going to Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket now.... Have a blessed long weekend. Hope I will manage to scrap something soon.