Bad Night

as i chased Seth out of the room and brought him over to my mom's room to put him in Sarong Swing to sleep. He has been crying none stop for half an hour and nothing pacify him. I am stressed out that he kept crying just felt so frustrated and couldn't help not to shout at him. Yes, I am not a good parent. But I can't manage the stress that I am going through..... So Seth went to sleep with my mom, which is better, and end up, I can't sleep! Ok, I need the energy to brave through the days to complete the very impending tasks and daily getting chased by clients to do INVOICING!!! DAMN! Even work till late evening can't complete my tasks, so how incompetent I am? Thanks to Jen who is there to lend the listening ears and comforted me. I really need to rest. For the no. 2 and myself. I neglected the no. 1 and no. 2, still not a good parent. How can I be?