Sharing with Cousin

Cousins in Sharing

This was taken at Kluang. In the hotel room, Seth and Jurnus sharing the biscuits. So cute and sweet to share the biscuits. 🙂

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Another one here, Jack and the 2 kiddos. Playing outside the Restaurant where the dinner is held. I like these photoes lats as they captured the fun moments and Jack trying to balance the both of them. I am pissed but am getting over it now. All I can blame is, the idiotic CO and OC. What the #!(% to have made Olive Tree so darn tired and then going to be staying in for the whole 2 weeks and counting. What welfare for married and NSMen with kids......all full of bullshit! Poor Seth, cried for half an hour looking for his daddy. I feel hopeless. 🙁