Panic Attack

This weekend wasn't very pleasant for me. Too eventful and heart attacks happenings.

We were at Kluang for Jon's and Marg Wedding Dinner yesterday. In the morning, Seth broke my glasses, I got splinter as long as 2 cm went through my thumb. Fuming hot with such a bad happening. Of course, I would not want this to spoil the happy occasion of my bro's wedding. Trip went pretty ok. I was the photographer for them for the day and night. Captured many shots. Some which I was pretty pleased with. Though tiring but it's fruitful and things for them went on quite smoothly. When dinner was about to finish, and they went round to toast to the relatives, I was taking the photoes. Darn at the moment, my digital camera reflect ERR 02! I was in shocked! I saw the flash and then I off the digital camera again. Total horror, the displayed shown "ERR CF" I almost fainted and my face in total dejection. I told my eldest bro, Jack and his face, "went crooked"!!! OH MANZ! It's the worse that can happen! I can't sleep last night. I don't know how to face Jon and Marg. I wanted to tell them very sorry and being truthful about it but so worried! End of the dinner, Jon even said "thank you" which made me feel even worst!

With sleepless night, I have to woke up at 6plus to get ready to return SG as Jack's eldest boy has swimming class. So we took off at 8.30am. Hoping to reach SG in time (11am) for Joel's class. Almost halfway through the journey, Jack asked me, "where's your passports?" I exclaimed!! "OH NO!! Then said, it's in my handbag. I opened up and realised, no passports! OH another shit. This time round really makes my heart boils and screaming!!! Marg told me that the passports were placed in my handbag when I asked her on Saturday. So being assuming, I didn't check before I left hotel and now, no passports! We end up, driving back and have to meet Jon and Marg at Kluang's Toll to get our passports. URRRGH! How terrible can it be??

The only comforting words are, my family didn't blame me for the detour. Even that it caused Joel to be late for his lesson. Comforting as well, as Olive Tree will be back in the day, and I can see him. Comforting again, that I manage to search through the internet and found the software to rescue my corrupted files! though some are corrupted but the main files are recovered. Price to paid US29... but what to do, it's always like that when it comes to digital photography!