Can’t Sleep

Woke up at 2.45am due to Seth's crying. Thereafter, he would cry in intervals of 10 mins or such. aiyo. End up, can't sleep and surf the net doing this and this. Downloaded a few softwares for my E61. Have been so under utilising it. I guess by now, I am pleased with one think on my E61 is I can get Windows Live Messenger to work and do IM! YEH! I need to really sleep now as tomorrow gonna be a long day for me. 😀 Since I am trying to be the photographer! Oh and before I go, I went for my check up to day at my gynae's. 😀 BB is now 73mm in length. All is good and really active too. 🙂 Bouncing and all, Detailed scan will be done on 20th April. Adrian to me to discuss with Ed is to do the Maternal Serum Screen (Something like that lar). If need to I have to do the test in 15-16weeks. Mood: Happy and Excited! 😀 ??