Rainy days


Woke up a sleepy head. Such a cooling weather, rain spattering on the ground and I so wanna stay home to laze and not to work. Flu starts to come back again, whole night blocked nose and slept with the tissue inserted up my nostril!! URRGH! To clear the blcok nose and running tape of mucus. YUPZ Gross am I?

Olive Tree came back late last night. In fact, I was so overjoyed till he said he may not come back cause of one stupid NSMan went home attend C and forgot to return his weapon to the store. So all have to wait for the guy to go back camp and return the weapon and then book out! Super rigid and due to one fellow! Olive Tree managed to come home half past midnight. At least, I get to see him for that few hours before he left for camp again at 6 this morning. Otherwise, this whole week I will not bee seeing him! Not use to it lar....

Another 2 more work days to go, torture. Why now I find it's totally torture to step into office? As I have to be so desk bound and clear all the paperworks. Also, rushing madly, and the micro-management. The f-up comms and the loads of s*#@. See, I am in a bad mood. 🙁

Stop my lamenting and got to go work lioa. Thanks gals, for being here and reading my lamentation! 😉