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Last Day of 2007

What did we do on the last day of 2007??

.: Woke up at 8.30am, prepare the meals for today :.
.: Fried EE-Mee and cooked Green Bean Soup for Eldest Bro who came for lunch and see the kids :.
.: Prepare the kids for outing in the late afternoon, after daddy's return from work :.
.: Went to VivoCity to shop for a while, Bought, and finally, Bakerzin, macarons! :.
.: Had dinner at Jon's place :.
.: Home for a cute photo shot :. Priceless!
family shot of the year!

proning down

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2008!!!

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So this is Christmas..

our Xmas Tree 2007

Grace's 1st Christmas

gifts for nieces and nephews

Celebrating the time of Jesus's birth, His Love, Joy and Peace with us. I always love these period of the year. 🙂

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Siblings Fun

With 2 kids, the joy is simply watching them playing together. Hmmm....technically, Grace can't really understand how to play with Seth. But at this stage, she enjoys watching Seth's laughing, jumping and I love Seth's showing affection for his little sister.

I hope and pray they will always be so and loving each other dearly.


grace looking

Both so adorable

SEth's looking at Grace

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Tis the Season!

To celebrate and my favorite time of the year! But the week gonna starts in a mellow manner. 🙁
Nonetheless, glad it's the end of the year.

Here's a pictorial of the recent weekend happenings.


Having fun taking shots at home for Daddy and the kids

Daddy Seth & Grace

Family Nov
She's so vocal now, and her cries and whimpering are really much louder than her brother! 😀 But always our sweet darling! I love to talk to her, see her smiles. Chasing all my worries away. Here's a photo of her proning on the play mat.
Grace Proned

Xmas shot

a Crazy week ahead, I bet!

a birthday party

We attended Seth's cousin, Yixuan's 1st birthday party on Sunday. It was fanatic for Seth, as he played the whole day with his cousins, in the pool, at the playground and all over the chalet. we went to NSRCC. It's been ages since we last went there, think it was way before we had Seth! long!

Here are some pics to share.

happy kids

I've made this small gift tag for the birthday gal.
gift tag

alrighty, need to go have a great week ahead!

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kids activities update

Grace was placed on Prone position today. She's so cute, as you watch the video, she manage a little smile as she's proning.

Brought the kids to Paragon for toys shopping. Seth's looking happy as he runs about the shopping mall, playing on slide and riding on Barney's.

I am pretty stoned now, lack of sleep. Did a mini album and have not been sleeping much for the past 2 nights. I better catch back my rest else......

I’m flickr-ed!

Thanks to AM! HAHA! Now I am loving it as I became a pro. mosiac 311007 1. freckles, 2. made in england, 3. Cathedral - IV, 4. Some things are just "WOW", 5. Irupé, 6. Sunlight lake, 7. Tangerang frog, 8. ...arguments more conclusive, 9. Jungle 30110, 10. 2007-10-28-7721_EEPC_3jlanterns, 11. DSCN2335, 12. Untitled, 13. Amy Butler Madison Handbag near Flower Pot, 14. Isis, 15. Hello..., 16. Aidan speechless... That's what I can do with flickr. How cool is that. Thanks to Ali, for showing how to come up with this mosiac.

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it’s halloween

Over here in Singapore, not many celebrate Halloween, I guess you'll see more halloween parties at the clubs/disco for the adults rather than kids. Therefore, trick or treat doesn't happen door to door. Nonetheless, I have fun snapping photos away on Halloween as my darlings are awake!
Seth & Grace - Halloween
Daddy's teasing them
Horsy Horsy
jack-o-lantern pjshacked seth??


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Gonna be a busy week!

I am excited. Excited for the fact that we are coming to the 2nd last month of the YEAR! Thrilled that November is going to be a fabulous month, with good happenings. Though, yes, I need to be going back to work 3rd week of November. But nothing beats thinking of the things that are coming forth which are all good.
I have been having late nites, which stretches till 4-5am, that somehow cause me to have memory blocks. Whenever I think of something that requires me to act on, next moment, I can completely lost the thought and wondering what was needed for me to do? I hope I am not getting dementia at this age! 🙁
Anyway, I hope this week pass fruitfully for me, accomplishing more stuffs/projects. Soon, I need to countdown to the days I will be returning to work, being a FTWM again. Oh, ya, how I dread it but I've got no choice now. Boss requires me to return back to work early, and I have to ensure I have another bridge to cross over before I burn this one... How cruel am I?
Here's a couple of photos I've taken yesterday and today. Sweet moments and blissful. Have a wonderful week ahead!
Daddy & Grace -281007

Daddy & Seth-28-10-07

sweet purple

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Random shots of Grace

Just some random shots of Grace that I've taken today. She's so grown up already! She started smiling to me on 24th October. What a milestone.

grace @ wk 7
grace @ wk 7
grace @ week 7<

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